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The area in or around Cleveland, Ohio
I'm traveling to the motherland this weekend.
by Greg Hughes December 06, 2007
11 32
The one thing Communists fight for. See Russia.
Russian soldier: FOR THE MOTHERLAAAAAAAND! (in russian of course)
by theGreenBunny February 24, 2004
114 31
land of origin.

(only applies to an individual who was born in that land and is now living abroad).
Kristina: "This summer I'm going back to the motherland!"

Stacy: "Like, where's your motherland?"

Kristina : "Slovenia"
by bunny February 19, 2004
82 28
1. Soviet battle cry. see za rodinu.
Soviet guy: For the Motherland!
German guy: Run away!
by qwert May 02, 2005
67 26
Another term for Africa.
Person #1: Their African outfits are so nice! Representin' the Motherland!
by zyxwvut.... January 25, 2009
31 31
Land of plentifull hot mothers, where the gracefull Milfs gently graze in the grass, or suckle on a teat of a fellow milf for refreshment
Dude your moms so hot!

I know, shes from the motherland
by Garebear Seastrom February 15, 2005
44 56
a country upon which war is being inflicted by another nation
Protect our nation by fighting for our Motherland!
by X March 28, 2005
11 48