When someone royally fucks you over or vice versa
1. Rick: "Johnnys ex-girlfriend not only knocked his bike over, but she cut both the tires!" Dale: "Damn! she sure motherfucked him!"
by Tefflon February 09, 2011
Top Definition
To be severely fucked, used especially when describing the state of a device, piece of software, location, establishment, or a situation.
I think my laptop is motherfucked.

The IRCd: it's motherfucked.

This hotel is motherfucked. There's a dead hooker in the bathtub and I'm pretty sure I saw some bedbugs.

Spidy it's motherfucked.
by echicken June 13, 2011
To get completely beaten by someone in any activity or way
Damn, John really mother fucked Eric in that game of pool!
by Josh Venne June 08, 2006
Much like the term fucked, this implies being screwed, in that shit is about to hit the fan for you. Motherfucked implies that the situation is far more grave.
"Oh man, Jimmy owes Johnny 400 bucks and isn't gonna pay it back"

by Virtue July 06, 2005
To strongly curse someone for actions one finds unsatisfactory, inapropriate, or rude.
Rick motherfucked Dale for not doing the paperwork.
by Beard December 23, 2005
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