An elite version of the more commonly used term: "motherfucker."
You're wrong motherfuck that isn't the answer!
by ECW7 December 03, 2011
A word popularized by Batman on the adult swim show "Robot Chicken". Used to describe people that betray your trust.

Can also be used to describe people that just act like dicks.
police officers moon Batman

Batman: Motherfucks!
by D. Eagle June 24, 2005
a group of jerk offs like the queer nuggets that dont ever do or say anything right. most like a motherfucker yet slightly more incapacitated
dam look at all those motherfucks running around chasing their tales!
by jessica March 06, 2004
to really screw someone bad
If you don't stop hitting on my girl, i'm going to motherfuck you.
by Josh March 25, 2005
A sheisty bitch ass whore, a man who puts unnessecary comical spin on important issues.
A cracker ass chickenhead.
A NO BALLS crack licker.
Oh, and he sucks balls.
Hey Bill!! Hey Bill! You see that scheisty ass "Jon Stewart" last night? What a motherfuck
by Ben Wills November 07, 2006

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