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to put in one's place; to express sharp, stern disapproval of
Nate has not been performing at his work center, so I motherfucked him and he is now hard at work.

I caught Duane in a lie today, so I motherfucked him in front of Rick.
by wildjem November 11, 2009
20 16
Anything you must put next to the goddamn. Certain Chief Gunner's Mates in the US Navy have developed the ability to transform the English language so that expletives are transformed into nouns.
"Where do you want this, Chief?"

"Just put the motherfuck next to the goddamn."
by fugitive October 01, 2004
457 82
Used to express anger or aggression, like when a situation doesn't go your way
MOTHER FUCK, i can't find my wallet.
by Aaron M. K. May 09, 2007
65 9
An expletive used to indicate extreme frustration.
Motherfuck, man...she has a boyfriend.
by A.J. Eitel May 15, 2008
71 31
to curse someone out in a long rant when motherfucking is used repetitively.
So I called the nurse and she wouldnt even put me through to our doctor so i motherfucked her
by The Buddy Gecko Experience October 19, 2007
64 35
An exclamation. See also Mudafuck.
-Dude did you forget your bowl?
-Mother Fuck! Yeah i did.
by ToeKnee August 25, 2005
42 24
Giving someone the business; going off on someone.
If you keep talkin' all that shit, i'm totally gonna mother fuck your ass!
by WhoaRocket August 21, 2009
17 8
An elite version of the more commonly used term: "motherfucker."
You're wrong motherfuck that isn't the answer!
by ECW7 December 03, 2011
17 9