a substitute for mother fucker.

pretty much the pussy way of talking smack.
Bob: ur gay

Fred: what did you say mother fluffer?

Bob: woah, ur too hard core for me.
by that evil giraffe November 14, 2011
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Baby friendly substitute for motherfucker.
Listen Jimmy, you motherfluffer, im not fluffin' around. Give me back my stuffed giraffe.
by tpain_cool April 19, 2011
A relative of the word 'motherfucker' which can be used around a broader-aged audience or parental figures as to not sound like a drunken sailor.
Becky: Oh my god Jessica is such a motherfluffer
Jessica: Motherfluffer?
Becky: Yeah like my mom is right there and swearing is SOOOO two years agoooo but yeah she is soooo a motherfluffer her butt is so BIG.
by pkh456 June 13, 2014

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