A game played inside. The object is to get to one room of the house to another "safe" room without the person who is "it" to tag you. The "it" person hides in another, random room in the house, on the path to the safe room. Everyone who is not "it" has to run, one at a time, until someone is caught. It is a game of wits because whoever is "it" can choose who he/she wants to go after, adding tension. Best played when there are many people. Person who is tagged is now "it". Be sure to yell out "Shut up, kids" when you're the mother when you leave to hide in the house.
It's Thanksgiving so we're playing Mother Mother with the cousins.
by The rainmaker June 10, 2013
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The way that you say MOTHER FUCKER when you are pissed off playing in a golf tournament and cant cuss of you will get disqualified!!!!
(hit a horrible drive that goes into a fairway bunker)
"MOTHER MOTHER, that was the worst MOTHER MOTHERIN drive ever."
by AMB** April 11, 2008
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