an old wrinkly woman who hates you and knows that you're banging her daughter
My mother in law stabbed at my longfellow with a three pronged fork.
by Muu August 30, 2004
A woman that 90% of the time talks about how she loves stuff that is so fuckin boring you consider hanging yourself.

A Woman that thinks your not good enough for her daughter until you buy her that flower pot she really liked.

A Woman who thinks and speaks shit!

A Pain in the ass!

Hint, When being spoken to by your mother in law, listen and dont lie, THEY KNOW EVERYTHING.
Hi Darlin, me and the lads are going to the shooting range, does your mother want to come?

I took her to the mall and she just wonderd off... Seriously.

Darlin will you take my mother out later, yes i was going to take the dog for a walk anyway.

Question: Im going to my mothers house, Do you want to come?
Answer: i cant, Aliens have landed and have take over the world. i must go and fight with the resistance.
by Gary Campbell July 17, 2005
A source of never ending pain and misery.
Who thought up this law?
by Shaun August 21, 2003
Simply put, a Bitch
I hate my mother in law.
by Josh Platt December 11, 2003
A dreadful experience which we all must go through, unfortunately.
Next time, pour holy water on her... she may melt.
by Nikki J. September 10, 2003
A woman who bears children who one day wed, will find herself at the wedding day changed into a mother-in-law. This demotion of status as the previous Number One female in her children's world can create horrible changes in what was once a lovely woman. Most of the bad scenarios arise from a jealousy between wives and mother-in-laws, although there have been some husbands who have faced the wrath of a mother-in-law. A mother-in-law is generally seen as a mythically bad person. As a parallel, father-in-laws don't get the same bad rap.
New wife says, "I thought I married just my husband, but his mother is a huge part of our life!"

Therapist says, "Yes, she is your mother-in-law, and if you let her, she can destroy your marriage. Think - two women love the same man."
by A Wife June 09, 2005
A women who gave birth to another human being in order to make him/her missearable and than accuse his/her spouse for that.
My mother in law, your mother in law, everyone's mother in lax
by lucija July 01, 2006

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