She who spawned the screaming banshee from hell. Oops, sorry. That would be X-mother-in-law.
...the slime oozed from the festering pustules on my x-mother-in-law's face.
by free-at-last. September 23, 2003
Bringer of Hell to Earth.
Even driving my mother-in-law to the grocery store was a painfully horrible five minutes of my life.
by James October 31, 2003
the fattest, ugliest, meanest, most fake, evil, stinkiest thing (with chin hair) you can imagine.
If my mother in law wasn't so gross and ever got laid she might not be such a cunt.
by Splish Splash October 02, 2003
the annoying "hang nail" that pisses you off and will not heal on the side your finger nail/cuticle.
OMG 2 days and this mother in law is driving me nuts!
by SexyTexan January 05, 2012
Monster-in-law. See monster... no questions asked.
The monster-in-law called again...
by Psycho August 14, 2003
The mother of one's wife/husband.
We are going to take a trip to my mother-in-law's house on Christmas.
by § July 18, 2004
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