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A female - usually the oldest, the least attractive, and the biggest prude - who takes charge and hovers over a group of female friends while out drinking.

Exceptionally good at the cockblock. Usually rounds up the other girls to go home just as you're about to hook up with one.

Commonly found leading groups of sorority girls.

Jill was all over me at the bar last night, but then Mother Goose Janet laid down the cockblock and took her home just as it got good.
by Nick North January 12, 2008
A person who preaches, whines, and bitches about being wholesome, safe, or smart. Usually describes a friend who was once thought of as cool and fun, but when brought to a party, turned out to be a sour nag.
We brought Samantha to the pudding party to have some fun, but instead of living it up, she went all Mother Goose on us and bitched about us acting stupid.
by Rachel Schneider July 22, 2006
One who takes care of everyone when they are highly under the influence of drugs and cannot do things for themselves.
"Hey man, why is that guy so nice?"
"Oh him? He's the Mothergoose."
by Mothergoose (Brandon) December 10, 2007
A girl who is fairly loose. (loosy-goosy)
Did you have sex with her last night?" "Yea man, she was a Mother Goose
by warriorfan01 September 29, 2010
A dirty bitch that lies to children and implants seeds of communist ideals in their heads. Also known as Dr. Seuss or Bobbie Flay.
Mother goose is such a crackwhore like rob.
by Shitty McFondler May 22, 2006
to rape, specifically in the ass, i.e., the mother of all goosing.
Don't walk out on the college green at night, someone will mother goose you.
by Frank Roosevelt November 08, 2007
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