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Expresses admiration.
Yo, that Toronto nigga is a motherfucker at basketball.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
one hoo fucks his/her mother
by debbie March 16, 2003
In the Depression in the 1930s, women desperate to feed their children would sometimes prostitute themselves for money for food. A motherfucker was a man who would actually have sex with a woman in this situation, rather than just giving her a little money.
This description of "motherfucker" is from "Growing Up Absurd", Paul Goodman (Random House, 1956)
by chookyembra May 22, 2011
One word with so many facets, meanings, and applications. This is not an attempt to cover them all, but merely one of them. Anyway, one facet of it can be used in the context of describing someone or possibly a group of people that gets severely taken advantage of, or totally screwed in some way, shape, or fashion.
1. The motherfucker that gets THAT used car is in for a big surprise....

2. Hear about that Tornado?....A whole lot of motherfuckers don't have a place to stay...

3. Those victims of the Haiti earthquake, Those Poor motherfuckers are in some deep dogshit now
by Evanofski of Poland February 01, 2011
1.A curse word used in place of damn it, what the hell, and oh shit.
2. A female who has sex.
3. A female, usually a mom, who has sex with boys (MILF)

4.A male who has sex with females.
1. Motherfucker! That pisses me off!
2. Go bang that motherfucker!
3. You know Alex's mom? She is such a motherfucker.
4. You here the news? I am an official motherfucker.
by Desperateforsex May 18, 2009
It's a compound word, motherfucker!
"You're a stupid-ass motherfucker."

"...also, that shirt makes you look like a motherfucker."

"...so, fucking yeah man, I told that motherfucker to go fuck himself."
by El Terrible March 01, 2009
Also pronounced; muddafucka.

Black slang term derived from when the overseers and slave drivers were encouraged to breed with the field negroes in order to produce a naturally less smelly house servant.
Quimbo: That ned sho be a muddafucker (motherfucker) bad man he don it well...bend ova da table doody booty! Heeee heeeeee!
by Ol King Coal April 06, 2008