Noun: To desrcibe a person, place, or thing.

I shot that motherfucker
This club is bumpin like a motherfucker
This stuck bolt is being a motherfucker
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003
1. Your dad or the guy your mom is cheating on your dad with.

2. A complete fuckin idiot/asshole.
My dad=motherfucker in good way.
My brother=motherfucker in bad way.
by anticommie August 04, 2012
The literal fucking of one's own mother.
S1: Hey man, did you hear Peter-Anthony fucked his mom again last night?

S2: Yes, I heard! He never ceases to amaze me of what a sick mother fucker he truly is.
by cujo31 March 17, 2012
One who yawns with his (or her) jaws wide open, to the extent you can diagnose tonsillitis from the other side of the room.
"I am so bored by sitting in this VIP lounge, I am yawning like a motherfucker bro!"
by pogopogo May 19, 2010
1.Respect less person with no attitude or a fool
2.Also used to express a form of respect for someone
3.Also term of affection
4.Someone who is hard, tuff, strong, and heavy
5.Also something unpleasant and shit like that
Motherfuckers act tuff but they aint
by Aniraban November 09, 2007
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