In the Depression in the 1930s, women desperate to feed their children would sometimes prostitute themselves for money for food. A motherfucker was a man who would actually have sex with a woman in this situation, rather than just giving her a little money.
This description of "motherfucker" is from "Growing Up Absurd", Paul Goodman (Random House, 1956)
by chookyembra May 22, 2011
One who yawns with his (or her) jaws wide open, to the extent you can diagnose tonsillitis from the other side of the room.
"I am so bored by sitting in this VIP lounge, I am yawning like a motherfucker bro!"
by pogopogo May 19, 2010
Expresses admiration.
Yo, that Toronto nigga is a motherfucker at basketball.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
A guy who sticks his dick in a lot of different mothers.
We all up in this motherfucker.
by Half Ounce of Kush January 25, 2008
1.Respect less person with no attitude or a fool
2.Also used to express a form of respect for someone
3.Also term of affection
4.Someone who is hard, tuff, strong, and heavy
5.Also something unpleasant and shit like that
Motherfuckers act tuff but they aint
by Aniraban November 09, 2007
a man/woman who fucks some ones mother.
is used in a diss towards some one.
you are a motherfucker. or
fuck you, you mother fucker,
go fuck your mother.
by ben haigh June 11, 2006
The phrase is often thought to refer to a person who performs the universal taboo of fucking his own mother, meaning he is unsrcupulous.

With regards to a child's welfare, it can be seen as refering to one who has sex with a single woman who has a child. If one fucks the child's mother, one is also a motherfucker.
I found a girlfriend, but she's got a kid, but its ok because she sends him out to play when I come over - You motherfucker.
by Don Miguelito June 01, 2005

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