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1. A person who stuffs it up his mother.

2. Any person.

3. A person who plays an instrument, usually a guitar, really well.

4. A teacher.
1. What the fuck is wrong with you, motherfucker?!

2. Hey, motherfucker. How is your day?

3. Christ, Steve Vai is a motherfucker!

4. Motherfuckers give me too much goddamn homework...
by Motherfucker #2 June 29, 2009
1.Respect less person with no attitude or a fool
2.Also used to express a form of respect for someone
3.Also term of affection
4.Someone who is hard, tuff, strong, and heavy
5.Also something unpleasant and shit like that
Motherfuckers act tuff but they aint
by Aniraban November 09, 2007
noun: a person who "fucks" or has sexual intercourse with ones mother.

also known as an obscenity used excessively when greatly intoxicated with alcohol
as said while going back and forth from throwing up in the bathroom-
"you mother fucker what the fuck are you doing here?i fucking hate this you mother fucker.mother fucker this sucks"
by Dilara Oz January 02, 2007
a man/woman who fucks some ones mother.
is used in a diss towards some one.
you are a motherfucker. or
fuck you, you mother fucker,
go fuck your mother.
by ben haigh June 11, 2006
Noun: To desrcibe a person, place, or thing.

I shot that motherfucker
This club is bumpin like a motherfucker
This stuck bolt is being a motherfucker
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003
1. Your dad or the guy your mom is cheating on your dad with.

2. A complete fuckin idiot/asshole.
My dad=motherfucker in good way.
My brother=motherfucker in bad way.
by anticommie August 04, 2012
Expresses admiration.
Yo, that Toronto nigga is a motherfucker at basketball.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008