a lucky son of a bitch that gets laid by a MILF
Have you heard the news? Jeffrey scored with Denise's mom last night! He is one lucky mother fucker!
by Yerffej November 16, 2009
Someone who mother fucks
This mother fucker just mother fucking mother fucked my mom in her mother fucking asshole.
by motherfuckerjonesmotherfucker November 26, 2013
A fucker of a mother or many mothers. One who has offended another person while receiving the insulting title of being such.
Hey Motherfucker, get the fuck out of my car. See what I did there?
by Solowshine June 21, 2013
people who have sex with mature women.
oh yeah im a motherfucker because i had sex with lily's mom.
by jojomother February 12, 2013
This term was originally used during slavery or by slaves. The salve master would come to the slave "house" and take liberties with the female slaves. Though the term was not usually said to the "masters" face, if it was said that the motherfucker was coming it was known what was meant.

(The term applied to slave masters or anyone that had authority over the slaves. Slave Masters, Their Sons and overseers).
Here comes the motherfucker again. The motherfucker came last night.
by Muquit January 08, 2012
The literal fucking of one's own mother.
S1: Hey man, did you hear Peter-Anthony fucked his mom again last night?

S2: Yes, I heard! He never ceases to amaze me of what a sick mother fucker he truly is.
by cujo31 March 17, 2012
One who yawns with his (or her) jaws wide open, to the extent you can diagnose tonsillitis from the other side of the room.
"I am so bored by sitting in this VIP lounge, I am yawning like a motherfucker bro!"
by pogopogo May 19, 2010

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