now a common versatile term used to describe almost every situation that we are involved in, or was involved with, may be involved in.
I can be used as a replacement fullstop , a commer and definitly an explenation mark.
being on home detention drives you to doing random motherfuckn shit on internet at ungodly times of the motherfuckn nite, its a motherfucker.
On reflection going to jail was more of a mother fucker, as you dont have access to do random motherfuckn shit like this.
I never want to put myself in this motherfuckn dumb situation as it turns your life into a real motherfucker.
I even got some motherfuckn tattoos put on my motherfuckn self to remind me to stop being such a dumb motherfuckn MOTHER FUCKER
by Argononius January 04, 2011
Someone who mother fucks
This mother fucker just mother fucking mother fucked my mom in her mother fucking asshole.
by motherfuckerjonesmotherfucker November 26, 2013
A fucker of a mother or many mothers. One who has offended another person while receiving the insulting title of being such.
Hey Motherfucker, get the fuck out of my car. See what I did there?
by Solowshine June 21, 2013
people who have sex with mature women.
oh yeah im a motherfucker because i had sex with lily's mom.
by jojomother February 12, 2013
This term was originally used during slavery or by slaves. The salve master would come to the slave "house" and take liberties with the female slaves. Though the term was not usually said to the "masters" face, if it was said that the motherfucker was coming it was known what was meant.

(The term applied to slave masters or anyone that had authority over the slaves. Slave Masters, Their Sons and overseers).
Here comes the motherfucker again. The motherfucker came last night.
by Muquit January 08, 2012
A game played in the car simular to Paddiddle, only in this game you look for a car with only their parking lights on and yell motherfucker.
A term for a person who drives with just there parking lights on.
Driving down the road
see a car with just parking lights on
Man 2: Dammit you win.

Man 1:hey look a motherfucker
Man 2: Flash your lights at him, what a dick
Man 1: Oh shit now the MotherFucker is following us.
by Mike_111 March 22, 2010
1. A person who stuffs it up his mother.

2. Any person.

3. A person who plays an instrument, usually a guitar, really well.

4. A teacher.
1. What the fuck is wrong with you, motherfucker?!

2. Hey, motherfucker. How is your day?

3. Christ, Steve Vai is a motherfucker!

4. Motherfuckers give me too much goddamn homework...
by Motherfucker #2 June 29, 2009

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