1.A very annoying, obnoxious, mean person. Similar to words such as Fucker, Douchebag, Asshole, Jerk etc.
2. A person who fucks their mother.(Literal meaning)
Bob:That guy called me words and mocked me!
Jack:That guy must be a MotherFucker!
(Note: No offense meant for the usage of names:)
by TheWarProfessor May 20, 2015
An individual who partakes in sexual intercourse with female human creators.
John just knocked up another mother, what a motherfucker!
by the J Man February 27, 2015
Someone who mother fucks
This mother fucker just mother fucking mother fucked my mom in her mother fucking asshole.
by motherfuckerjonesmotherfucker November 26, 2013
Used when describing a real hardass.
1. Big G. Storm and his earrings..what a mother fucker.
2. You know K. Mils? I'm lookin' to kick that mother fuckers ass.
by i love you. Banana. September 05, 2009
This is often used as a pronoun for people in the same "game" or institution as the speaker, going through the same shit as the speaker, and at the same time, are demeaned using this word because they tend to -just like the speaker- look out for their own interests.
"These motherfuckers need to realize that if they do dat shit again, there's gon' be consequences.
by jfz September 12, 2008
1. someone who commits incest with his own mother.
2. Someone who marries a women with kids .
3. someone attracted to older women.
Joe is a motherfucker.
by HaiderTheAreli October 16, 2014
people who have sex with mature women.
oh yeah im a motherfucker because i had sex with lily's mom.
by jojomother February 12, 2013
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