One who comes to a party only to get fake drunk and tell the cops that minors were drinking at it.
Wow I can't believe Matt was such a motherfucker turning in the guys, they were only trying to show everyone a good time.
by abcd827 April 13, 2009
Term derived by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, about innate desires to kill the father and fuck the mother.
Do you know that Oedipus story?
Yeah, Oedipus was a motherfucker!
by Terry Richards 2008 May 09, 2008
this word has many meanings:
1. a person who fucks mothers "i fucked your mom"
2. a bitch who fucks shit up "you broke it you mother fucker"
3. a word to emphisize somthing "you kicked the mother fuckin shit out of him"
4. a word to fill in blanks in a sentence "yo me and this mother fucker were chillin in this mother fuckin basement, you dig mother fucker?"

by martha June 18, 2006
1.A very annoying, obnoxious, mean person. Similar to words such as Fucker, Douchebag, Asshole, Jerk etc.
2. A person who fucks their mother.(Literal meaning)
Bob:That guy called me words and mocked me!
Jack:That guy must be a MotherFucker!
(Note: No offense meant for the usage of names:)
by TheWarProfessor May 20, 2015
An individual who partakes in sexual intercourse with female human creators.
John just knocked up another mother, what a motherfucker!
by the J Man February 27, 2015
Mother Fucker is a word to call someone to make them feel bad and it is also used to show someones anger. It is also use to tell some that they had sex with a mom. It is a bad word that you shouldn't use.
"Your a Mother Fucker!"

"You have sex with a lot of moms you Mother Fucker."
by maxextra4355 February 22, 2012
a lucky son of a bitch that gets laid by a MILF
Have you heard the news? Jeffrey scored with Denise's mom last night! He is one lucky mother fucker!
by Yerffej November 16, 2009

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