A term commonly used in jail by inmates to describe other inmates who cannot be raped, assaulted, or otherwise hurt due to the fact that they can, in one way or another, avoid or escape their advances.
That white boy is a Motherfucker, we were going to take 'em to the pit but he snitched to the guard.
by SQBastard April 25, 2011
Used when describing a real hardass.
1. Big G. Storm and his earrings..what a mother fucker.
2. You know K. Mils? I'm lookin' to kick that mother fuckers ass.
by i love you. Banana. September 05, 2009
An upside-down triangular patch of hair below a male's bottom lip. Sometimes known as a "soul patch" or "flavor saver." It is referred to as a mother fucker because the person sporting it automatically looks like a mother fucker. It is most often seen on middle eastern men who frequent clubs and show their chest hair.
Did you see Sam at the club last night? He has a mother fucker. What a mother fucker.
by ScrimpLover July 17, 2009
One who comes to a party only to get fake drunk and tell the cops that minors were drinking at it.
Wow I can't believe Matt was such a motherfucker turning in the guys, they were only trying to show everyone a good time.
by abcd827 April 13, 2009
This is often used as a pronoun for people in the same "game" or institution as the speaker, going through the same shit as the speaker, and at the same time, are demeaned using this word because they tend to -just like the speaker- look out for their own interests.
"These motherfuckers need to realize that if they do dat shit again, there's gon' be consequences.
by jfz September 12, 2008
1. someone who commits incest with his own mother.
2. Someone who marries a women with kids .
3. someone attracted to older women.
Joe is a motherfucker.
by HaiderTheAreli October 16, 2014
now a common versatile term used to describe almost every situation that we are involved in, or was involved with, may be involved in.
I can be used as a replacement fullstop , a commer and definitly an explenation mark.
being on home detention drives you to doing random motherfuckn shit on internet at ungodly times of the motherfuckn nite, its a motherfucker.
On reflection going to jail was more of a mother fucker, as you dont have access to do random motherfuckn shit like this.
I never want to put myself in this motherfuckn dumb situation as it turns your life into a real motherfucker.
I even got some motherfuckn tattoos put on my motherfuckn self to remind me to stop being such a dumb motherfuckn MOTHER FUCKER
by Argononius January 04, 2011

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