Pretty much meaningless insult. Used by alot of people but doesn;t really have any impact anymore since it's used so much.
use your imagination people you can pretty much put it in any sentence.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
A stupid ass dumb ass crack-headed ass slut ass bitch.
A person who has sexual contact with their mother.
A person who has sexual contact with any one's mother.
You bitch ass mother fucker!
by Tori November 21, 2003
Term derived by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, about innate desires to kill the father and fuck the mother.
Do you know that Oedipus story?
Yeah, Oedipus was a motherfucker!
by Terry Richards 2008 May 09, 2008
When you knock your bong water over with your sisters dildo.
"Awww you stupid mother fucker!!!"
by Morgoth July 12, 2003
Can also mean a musician of great skill. Often coupled with "bad" as in "bad motherfucker". Can be an extreme compliment in certain circumstances.
Man, Prince is a motherfucker on that (guitar/bass/keyboard/piano/drumkit)
by jedilaw March 26, 2003
a mean, despicable, or vicious person.

anything considered to be despicable, frustrating, etc. (used as a general expression of contempt or anger).
"All y'all motherfuckers listenin' to me?"
"Hey motherfucker, what's yo name?"
by fwaggle January 15, 2003
Mother Fucker is a word to call someone to make them feel bad and it is also used to show someones anger. It is also use to tell some that they had sex with a mom. It is a bad word that you shouldn't use.
"Your a Mother Fucker!"

"You have sex with a lot of moms you Mother Fucker."
by maxextra4355 February 22, 2012
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