fucking your own mother
by j August 06, 2003
Sons and daughters are mother fuckers when they take away a mothers financial freedom for their own personal and financial gain.
Recently my stepdad died. The land and everything he and my mom managed for the 34 years of marriage should have gone to her. My brothers and sister, otherwise known as mother fuckers, used Texas law to deprive her of selling the property. She was counting on selling it to live comfortably in her old age. I found her a house she liked and a dependable car and we got legal help to aid in selling her property. The lawyer screwed up and told her everything was hers now and she could do with it what she needed. I wanted her to have all the money to pay off her new house and car. At closing the escrow company noticed an error that the property is supposed to be split with all the children and her. We all are healthy and have good paying jobs and investments but they decided to take money away from her instead of letting her have it and inherit it upon her death.
by Joseph Q October 03, 2006
A person that fucks something totally, a dirtbag, a word for a friend or simply a person that has sex with his/her mother
Damn, you are the worst motherfucker alive!
by Moe Heta December 21, 2005
Democrat asshole with no sense of anything.
Titwanker is a stupid motherfucker.
by The fucker October 23, 2003
A.) A male who is still in possesion of his penis who has intercourse with there birth mother. If it is an adopted mother, it is not a mothefucker. It is an adoptedmotherfucker. But i would not call anyone an adoptedmotherfucker who actually was adopted, or they would probably abuse you in the anul.
B.) A term regularily used in "Yo Mamma" jokes.
C.) A term that can be used in the way BIATCH is used. Which is an ending word just to make it more of an exciting sentence.
A.)I motherfucked my mother.

B.) Yo mamma is so fat, but i guess its more cushin for the pushin you motherfucker. I would know cause i fucked yo mamma last night...BIATCH!

C.) Hey dude, whats up...motherfucker.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
One who fucks a femal parental unit...
Rosie is not a mother fucker yet, but she aspires to be one day!
by Rosie November 15, 2003
A redneck hillbilly.
Those trailor trash are real motherfuckers!
by XTA69 September 19, 2005

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