A term used to refer to a pal or chum of yours.
I invited that motherfucker over to mah crib and we got piss drunk like a couple o' drunk motherfuckers.
by redelixir March 15, 2003
An alcoholic drink that consists of a "mother" (all natural energy drink made by coke) and a shot of vodka.
Patron: I'll have a motherfucker
Bartender: One mother and vodka coming up
by msjp December 16, 2006
what kk and doom classify most of those that exsist around them. assholes like Uncle Funkalunkel fit into this catagory, for they like to talk alot of shit but can not back it up.
That piece of shit Uncle Funkalunkel is one dumb ass mother fucker.
by James Bourne February 18, 2004
Bill Clinton.
Motherfucker was the 42nd president of the United States.
by The fucker October 23, 2003
someone who has intercourse with child-bearers
"your dad is a motherfucker"
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
One of only two obscene epithets (see also cocksucker) known by 98% of all living American citizens. The more concise and expressive "CUNT" is preferred by the rest of the English speaking cognoscenti.It conveys more emotion, and of couse, we have many more substitutes available than our war mongering cousins.
"George W. Bush is a retarded murdering motherfucker."
"No, George W. Bush is a retarded murdering CUNT who should be elected President of Iraq today and forced to serve two full terms. Cunting spunk-eating wankbag."
by titwanker May 29, 2003
a common word used among scholars in their teens.
"hey you motherfucker get the motherfuck off my motherfucking lunch you motherfucker"
by motherfuckingmotherfucker May 29, 2003
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