It's a compound word, motherfucker!
"You're a stupid-ass motherfucker."

"...also, that shirt makes you look like a motherfucker."

", fucking yeah man, I told that motherfucker to go fuck himself."
by El Terrible March 01, 2009
A guy who sticks his dick in a lot of different mothers.
We all up in this motherfucker.
by Half Ounce of Kush January 25, 2008
The phrase is often thought to refer to a person who performs the universal taboo of fucking his own mother, meaning he is unsrcupulous.

With regards to a child's welfare, it can be seen as refering to one who has sex with a single woman who has a child. If one fucks the child's mother, one is also a motherfucker.
I found a girlfriend, but she's got a kid, but its ok because she sends him out to play when I come over - You motherfucker.
by Don Miguelito June 01, 2005
refers to a person, often used with an adjective.
That is one cool motherfucker.
What an ugly motherfucker!
by g0ose April 03, 2005
Father, Dad, Husband, Groom
Father or Dad are unknown words.
Instead of Mother & Father, it's the Mother and the Motherfucker.
Instead of Bride & Groom, it's Bitch and Motherfucker
by Manzai March 24, 2004
Worse than fucker; one of the worst insults you can throw at someone
"Hey, you stupid motherfucker!"
by Christy January 15, 2003
Basically an extension of the word "fuck" but with a little more edge and conviction. Back then, it did have something to do with an individuals mother but today, people use it loosely i.e. movie dialogue, music, art/graffiti and it has nothing to do with anybodies mother. It may have started as an expression in most African-American communities but it has become one of the most universal words on earth.
Song: "There he go (x3) (GET DAT MOTHERFUCKER!)" -Mystikal (There He Go)

Movie: "You're rent's due motherfucker!" -Samuel L. Jackson

Person on the street: "Hey you bitch ass motherfucker, I got you!"
by R.J. from the Bay January 22, 2011

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