to stroke your a mother with your tongue; or an insult takin jokingly or instead of saying mother @#$^.
Hey! Your a mother licker
by Jose Nicholas November 11, 2003
Top Definition
a politically correct, 'PG' version of the well known phrase; Mother Fucker.
Old Gregg: It's attached to your rod mother licker.
Have you ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?
Do you wanna go to a club where people wee on
each other?
Howard Moon: No. Sir.
by Eagle von Ceasel May 05, 2008
Term from the British comedy series The Mighty Boosh, Season 2. Used in the episode "The Legend of Old Greg." Basically a kid-friendly version of motherfucker.
Howard: That's not my fishing line
Greg: It's attached to your rod, motherlicker.
by Franswonica March 31, 2009
Going Down on someone's mom. Another term for Cock sucker, except its your mother....
"Thats a MILF" "I hear ya Mother LICKER"
by Stan-Dup Baby October 20, 2009
One who licks mothers. Specifically ones with nice cans.
Ashton Kutcher is a motherlicker.
by sjd March 17, 2005
To use the togue and its muscles to stroke "a mother" with your togue.(used in only a joking manor(not ment to affend.)
Tonight I am going to lick your mother!
by Jose Nickolas November 12, 2003
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