A woman that 90% of the time talks about how she loves stuff that is so fuckin boring you consider hanging yourself.

A Woman that thinks your not good enough for her daughter until you buy her that flower pot she really liked.

A Woman who thinks and speaks shit!

A Pain in the ass!

Hint, When being spoken to by your mother in law, listen and dont lie, THEY KNOW EVERYTHING.
Hi Darlin, me and the lads are going to the shooting range, does your mother want to come?

I took her to the mall and she just wonderd off... Seriously.

Darlin will you take my mother out later, yes i was going to take the dog for a walk anyway.

Question: Im going to my mothers house, Do you want to come?
Answer: i cant, Aliens have landed and have take over the world. i must go and fight with the resistance.
by Gary Campbell July 17, 2005
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your wife's mother. a terrifying insight into what awaits you in 25 years time.
the wife's mother came around yesterday. I knew it was her as soon as she knocked on the door: all the mice threw themselvess onto the traps.
by mike read August 13, 2003
Woman Hitler
All the letters ar in each word

by Trent April 16, 2003
1.Most foul, devious, manipulative, evil, premeditated, fake, smile in your face while stabbing you in the back, worst plague God has ever sent upon us...especially me.

2. The beast who bore my husband.

3. Root of all evil. Angel of Death
I would rather suck on exhaust fumes than live with my mother in law.
by Anra September 12, 2005
An evil deceptive creature ,who likes to analyze your every move,
Condemn you, and leave you to die.
Often bearing a strong resemblence to Skellator from He-man ,or a Vulture.
Also see " angel of death"
Or "entity from hell"
I would rather have a chainsaw enema ,than have dinner with my mother in law.
by SHANNON January 13, 2004
A son's mother - who after he takes a wife, becomes jealous of the wife and considers her competition for the son's affection (which is gross and somewhat incestuous). If not put in her place (told to fuck off) by the daughter-in-law immediately after marrying her son, the mother-in-law will grow fiercely competitive and attempt to wreck the son's marriage by whatever means necessary.
My mother-in-law is jealous of the fact that I married her baby boy and helped him to become a man. What a sick bitch.
by Loxi July 19, 2009
Mother of spouse. Self rightous, beastly, female entity. Master of deception. Often dyes her hair in order to reflect a younger age. One who professes to be all knowing. She Who is Evil. The Heartless One.
After his mother in law's week-long visit, Rob had to call an excorcist and bathe himself in Holy Water to rid his home of the evil presence that she left behind.
by Super Gerbil! September 04, 2003
a horrible beast. Strangly enough the letters in 'mother in law' can e re-arranged to spel 'Woman Hitler'. its true try it urself
mother-in-law----> woman hitler
by J. Stalin October 23, 2007

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