A term commonly used in jail by inmates to describe other inmates who cannot be raped, assaulted, or otherwise hurt due to the fact that they can, in one way or another, avoid or escape their advances.
That white boy is a Motherfucker, we were going to take 'em to the pit but he snitched to the guard.
by SQBastard April 25, 2011
a lucky son of a bitch that gets laid by a MILF
Have you heard the news? Jeffrey scored with Denise's mom last night! He is one lucky mother fucker!
by Yerffej November 16, 2009
An upside-down triangular patch of hair below a male's bottom lip. Sometimes known as a "soul patch" or "flavor saver." It is referred to as a mother fucker because the person sporting it automatically looks like a mother fucker. It is most often seen on middle eastern men who frequent clubs and show their chest hair.
Did you see Sam at the club last night? He has a mother fucker. What a mother fucker.
by ScrimpLover July 17, 2009
One who comes to a party only to get fake drunk and tell the cops that minors were drinking at it.
Wow I can't believe Matt was such a motherfucker turning in the guys, they were only trying to show everyone a good time.
by abcd827 April 13, 2009
this word has many meanings:
1. a person who fucks mothers "i fucked your mom"
2. a bitch who fucks shit up "you broke it you mother fucker"
3. a word to emphisize somthing "you kicked the mother fuckin shit out of him"
4. a word to fill in blanks in a sentence "yo me and this mother fucker were chillin in this mother fuckin basement, you dig mother fucker?"

by martha June 18, 2006
The word when said, may indicate that is going to be a difficult situation, a hard time, or something is, or will be, happening to them (you or everyone) that is bad (we guess), a bad day, a bad time or perhaps a stressful situation. This expression is more often said by the Black, so-called African-American, Negro race more often than other races, and is sometimes heard as an expression or expressed for some unknown reason to everyone around leaving everyone to wonder what is going wrong in this person's life.
Jack, a homeless Negro man, awakened from his sleep after a night sleep in a homeless shelter and says to Toby... "Today is going to be a mother fucker!"

Toby… yep!
by BiilyBullSchitter June 01, 2016
Someone who surpasses the boundaries of run-of-the-mill assholery.
"That stupid, angry bigot son-of-a-bitch who said some racist bullshit at his granddaughter's birthday party and then started a fight with his son-in-law's brother when he called bullshit - that vile shitbird is a real motherfucker."
by erielhonan November 10, 2015
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