An overly complex way of referring to one's Grandfather.
Yo, look at dat mother father, dawg!
#muthafatha #mothafatha #mo'fatha #mofadda #muddafadda
by Logiko July 17, 2006
Top Definition
Its origin is of no importance only its destiny. It is the clean way of calling someone a motherfucker, cleanly.
You're such a mother father.
by MexicanShortie January 10, 2005
It's how you say "motherfucker" when there's virgin ears around.
I can't wait to get my hands on that motherff...ather!

Motherfather, that hurt!
#motherfucker #mother #father #fucker #virgin
by Chris MF P May 11, 2008
An explicative that implies that it's denotee is both a mother and a father; which is at this point a medical impossibility. It is also used idomatically because of it's close relation to the word mothafucka. The word has gained much popularity in conjuntion with the latter: chinese dentist.
Kimberly: Would you help me with the clasp of this necklace? Oww! you just pinched me you mother father.


Stuart:This boat detailing job is getting to be a real drag.

Monty: Sure as shit is. Let's ditch these rich ass mother father chinese dentists and go rollerblading or something.
#mofo #motherfucker #mothafucka #fuck #fucker
by standardApartmentComplex March 08, 2009
Clean way of saying "motherfucker"
Usage in amongst K-pop fans most likely stems from entertainer Boom who used the phrase on episode 3 of 2PM's Idol Army.
Cast thought he said "motherfucker" in poor English and he stated he said "omma appa" and not a bad word.
You mother father!
#mother #father #mother father #engrish #kpop
by keunilna April 13, 2013
a clean way of saying "mother fucker." just like a gangster, i suppose.
brian: ey, you wanna come over tonight?
jane: you sleeping alone tonight mother father

andrea: ooh myyyyy
chris: oh goddd
andrea: mother father
#motherfather #mother fucker #motherfucker #mother #father
by oneezy December 18, 2007
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