The act of masturbating while others shake the bed giving the sensation of a vibrating bed. This can also be called a "Hotel 6."
My wife gave me the Motel 6 treatment yesterday because she was on her period.
by TheDirtyGoatee April 21, 2011
Top Definition
When a fan in the bathroom is connected to the lighting in the bathroom. Someone takes a dump and should "leave the light on for you" to get the horrid smell out.
guy 1 : I just took the worst dump.

guy 2 : Yo, you better motel 6 that bitch.
by QUEEF August 31, 2006
The classical place for someone to get laid. An urban legend, san.
Girl: Let's sex.
Boy: But where?
Girl: Obviously Motel 6!
by Pocketful of Sunshine July 10, 2008
The endgame of all motel related sexual intercourse. During the Motel 6, you rent a room in any of the over 900 Motel 6s nationwide and have hours upon hours of explicit sex with a woman (or man although not recommended). When the act of sexual intercourse is over, you kill her (or him).
"What are you in for?"
"I totally gave that bitch The Motel 6 in Wicomico last night!"
by The Dastardly Rogue September 30, 2007
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