similar to the word "mint" when using it to describe something good or awesome - like it doesn't get much better than mot
1. Your shirt is mot dude!
2. You hooked up with her?!?!? Yo that's mot!
3. Yo that weed looks so mot. <-- personal favorite haha
by IndoYo March 22, 2006
Mot: an acronym for Masturbate Over Them. Usually reserved for fit people.
Wow, she's so MOT.
Wow, he's so MOT.
by Smexy Smexison July 31, 2006
Growing up on Tyneside (N. England) in the 1950s, I heard 'mot' used as a name for female genitals. I think it may be back-slang for 'tom' (a common word for prostitute)
She just sat there, scratching her mot...
by Caroline Robertson January 08, 2006
M.O.T.S AKA Money On The Street is the most notorious Gang in Hampshire😨 These people do not fuck around they haven't killed thousands of people😨 They are based all over Hampshire but there leader and his boys are based in fareham👍🏽 police know of mots and the crew leader bribes the police with money to get them to jog on😇 Also they have a crew for girls called B.O.T.S AKA Bitches On The Street

To sum it all up this crew is blessed by the M.O.T.S Lord And the M.O.T.S and is not to be messed with they are highly dangerous so be clear of them all.
Those M.O.T.S are not to be fucked with.

That crew M.O.T.S is notorious as fuck, fuck messing wit dem.
by PeterHunt48 May 16, 2016
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