similar to the word "mint" when using it to describe something good or awesome - like it doesn't get much better than mot
1. Your shirt is mot dude!
2. You hooked up with her?!?!? Yo that's mot!
3. Yo that weed looks so mot. <-- personal favorite haha
by IndoYo March 22, 2006
Ones Vagina that is ugly and hairy
urrgg...look at that hairy mot
by Mr Gibby November 16, 2006
Growing up on Tyneside (N. England) in the 1950s, I heard 'mot' used as a name for female genitals. I think it may be back-slang for 'tom' (a common word for prostitute)
She just sat there, scratching her mot...
by Caroline Robertson January 08, 2006
Moral Of The Story
MOTS . It ain't illegal if you don't get caught
by psyCHOPath February 24, 2015

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