M.O.T. is shorthand for Map of Tasmania, and slang for the natural female pubic area. Tasmania is an island state, part of the Commonwealth of Australia. When viewed on a map, the island resembles the natural triangle shape that appears when women do not shave or otherwise excessively alter their pubic hair.

The artist Amanda Palmer popularized the term in her hit song “Map of Tasmania.” The lyrics include the following popular verses:

Walking down the street, I’m the lady showing off my map of Tasmania.

Soft and sweet and shaped like a triangle
Some girls want no shape and they shave it all
That's so whacky, hurts with the stubble
Walking round, look like an eight year old

I say grow that shit like a jungle
Give 'em something strong to hold onto
Let it fly in the open wind
If it get too bushy you can trim
Many men prefer women with a full MOT.
by Man truth May 19, 2013
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Mot is an Irish slang word for 'girlfriend'.

The word originates in from the Irish 'maith' which means good. Caillín maith meaning 'good girl' became a way of refering to your girl friend.

Over the years the word changed so it was simply 'mot', which became used by lower class Dubliners.
Now is widely used to refer to all women of similar ages and not just girlfriends.
Those mots over there are bleedin deadly.

Me mots coming over later to give us a wank.
by RandomIrishDude November 11, 2010
1. A "member of the tribe"; i.e. a Jew.

Light-hearted, slightly toungue-in-cheek reference to Jews, usually by Jews.
Q - Is he M.O.T.?
A- Is the Pope Catholic?
by H. Al Hazman July 03, 2006
Acronym for more of the same.
Jimmy said he would change his ways but it was MOTS bullshit.
by Roland819 December 13, 2006
Being Jewish (being "a Jew") means you're a Member of the Tribe (an M-O-T). The tribe started with a couple named Abraham and Sarah about 4,000 years ago, it grew over time, and it's still here today. You can become part of the Jewish tribe in two ways: By being born to a Jewish mother or by joining through a series of rituals (called converting)
I trust Ken with my money because he's MOT.
by Saul_Rosenberg November 07, 2005
slang for licking someone out
last night i motted my girlfriend out
by yoyougotdemunchies October 23, 2011
A dirty filthy poes (cunt,vagina,doof)
Paul: How was your date last night?
John: Went well, but she had a horrible tasting mot. sis
by Q5634535897689 July 16, 2009
Masturbating on the toilet
Did you hear Dave was in the middle of an M.O.T last night when Shelly walked in on him.
by Jurassicpark#1 January 17, 2014

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