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Being Jewish (being "a Jew") means you're a Member of the Tribe (an M-O-T). The tribe started with a couple named Abraham and Sarah about 4,000 years ago, it grew over time, and it's still here today. You can become part of the Jewish tribe in two ways: By being born to a Jewish mother or by joining through a series of rituals (called converting)
I trust Ken with my money because he's MOT.
by Saul_Rosenberg November 07, 2005
234 204
Means Minge on Tap.
Used when describing a place/venue that has a large amount of females.
Hey lets go to the Subiaco pub, plenty of MOT there!


Did you see hunty last night, he had his fair share of MOT.
by whitfords_1 April 17, 2007
69 74
Short for Marching on Together. The pride of yorkshires (Leeds United) famous anthem.
Marching on together we're gonna see you win na na na na na we are so proud, we shout it out loud we love you Leeds Leeds Leeds! MOT
by Lucianooo February 02, 2011
60 67
In Cumbria (England), the word "Mot" is used by teenagers to mean Girl.
"Are you bringing your mot with you tonight"?

"I was walking down the road, when this mot came up & asked me out".
by Marra February 01, 2005
32 41
unreally cool guy, sex appeal, after sir motsalot
hey...mot rocks my world
by charlie January 20, 2005
25 34
Abbreviation for Moment of Truth.
"MOT... the pregnancy test is ready..."
by ladybug0x November 03, 2008
20 30
Mot: an acronym for Masturbate Over Them. Usually reserved for fit people.
Wow, she's so MOT.
Wow, he's so MOT.
by Smexy Smexison July 31, 2006
64 74
similar to the word "mint" when using it to describe something good or awesome - like it doesn't get much better than mot
1. Your shirt is mot dude!
2. You hooked up with her?!?!? Yo that's mot!
3. Yo that weed looks so mot. <-- personal favorite haha
by IndoYo March 22, 2006
11 21