Being Jewish (being "a Jew") means you're a Member of the Tribe (an M-O-T). The tribe started with a couple named Abraham and Sarah about 4,000 years ago, it grew over time, and it's still here today. You can become part of the Jewish tribe in two ways: By being born to a Jewish mother or by joining through a series of rituals (called converting)
I trust Ken with my money because he's MOT.
by Saul_Rosenberg November 07, 2005
Man of the Sea
I am!
a man!
of the sea!
by fred ;) July 16, 2003
Ministry of Transport test. The Ministry of Transport test (more usually: MOT - pronounced by spelling out the letters) is an annual test of safety and roadworthiness aspects applicable to most vehicles over three years of age in the United Kingdom if they are used on public roads.

The name derives from the Ministry of Transport, a former Government department, and is still officially in use, although the Ministry of Transport no longer exists under that name, and the MOT test certificates are currently issued in Great Britain under the auspices of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), an agency within the Department for Transport. Certificates in Northern Ireland are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

Many local car repair garages throughout Great Britain are authorised to perform testing and to issue certificates. In Northern Ireland tests are performed at DVTA Test Centres.

A: My car needs to go for it's MOT.
B: Bummer dude.
by Eddie Quartermass October 20, 2006
M.O.T. is shorthand for Map of Tasmania, and slang for the natural female pubic area. Tasmania is an island state, part of the Commonwealth of Australia. When viewed on a map, the island resembles the natural triangle shape that appears when women do not shave or otherwise excessively alter their pubic hair.

The artist Amanda Palmer popularized the term in her hit song “Map of Tasmania.” The lyrics include the following popular verses:

Walking down the street, I’m the lady showing off my map of Tasmania.

Soft and sweet and shaped like a triangle
Some girls want no shape and they shave it all
That's so whacky, hurts with the stubble
Walking round, look like an eight year old

I say grow that shit like a jungle
Give 'em something strong to hold onto
Let it fly in the open wind
If it get too bushy you can trim
Many men prefer women with a full MOT.
by Man truth May 19, 2013
MOT stands for My Original Thought. Also MOQ My Original Quote.
In the world of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, people often post something that is their original thought and add -MOT to show that they came up with this thought (quote) and that it's original not copied.

"Thank God for he doesn't answer all your prayers, most of them are stupid anyways, just like most of what you did on your own" - MOT
by BHSLIVE June 24, 2010
Short for Motivational Posters. Types of poster that make fun of the image that is in it. It could have insults, props, or just joke about what it shows. Could also be called Un-Motivational Posters.
That MOT about ninjas was funny as hell.
by Dr. Stein April 03, 2010
This is a universal word, can use it as you please. But it was originally used when talking about girls. If you would have tapped that or not.
" Fan vad jag vill möta henne. "
" Ja hade mött "
" aide, möt bara "
by Maseko May 30, 2008
slang for "girlfriend" in dublin (Ireland). Used more commonly by people who come from poorer income families and particularly those who live in the northside of Dublin (live north of the river Liffey)
Hey John, is that Paul with his mot over there?


Me and me mot are heading out tonight, you wanna tag along?
by Enda March 08, 2007

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