The most annoying thing you'll ever see or hear anywhere ever.
They start their demonic ritual by landing on your skin, then they
insert a there tiny freakish straw into you. They collect blood from
you and carry viruses, then after the mini-devil gets away, it leaves
a red mark/dot on you that itches like hell.
Guy 1: Eww, is that a zit?
Guy 2: Nah, I got bit by a mosquito yesterday... *Scratching*
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013
When you take a hold of the male genitals, twist them round so that the testicles are above the penis, making the genitals look like a mosquito.
Guy#1: "The girl I was with last night gave me a mosquito before she blew me."

Guy#2: "I wish my wife would be a little more gentle with me when she did it."
by jwbulmer January 16, 2010
A tiny vampire, but does not suck enough blood so the other person will be a vampire
Person 1: I just got bitten by a tiny vampire
Person 2: you mean a mosquito
by luckade December 02, 2009
To eat a girl out when she's on her period.
To suck out the blood when a girl is on her period.
"Dude, I totally mosquitoed that chick the other day. I sucked her dry."
by Shania Baby July 10, 2008
The Georgia state bird.
by CoCo September 17, 2003
evil creatures designed for one purpose: TO CLONE THE HUMAN RACE AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
Dracula the vampire.
by BETH AND VICKY November 18, 2004
Those annoying little insects that give you "boo boos."
Little Jimmy was bit by a musquito.
by MontBlanc September 18, 2003

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