The most annoying thing you'll ever see or hear anywhere ever.
They start their demonic ritual by landing on your skin, then they
insert a there tiny freakish straw into you. They collect blood from
you and carry viruses, then after the mini-devil gets away, it leaves
a red mark/dot on you that itches like hell.
Guy 1: Eww, is that a zit?
Guy 2: Nah, I got bit by a mosquito yesterday... *Scratching*
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013
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Small flying parasitic insects. Only the females bight you (don't mean to be sexist but it's true). The males drink nectar. The humming keeps you awake at night and drives you mad. They always find their way in regard less of whether you use citronella candles, aerogard or have fly screens. They fucking hurt when they bight and I fucking hate them. We can't irradicate them with a virus because we will catch it. We cant poison them or we hurt the environment. All we can do is smack em (smack) damn missed the little fucker..
Another mosquito basterd has bitten me between the toes. The nerve of them..
by devo February 04, 2004
Bugs that piss people off.
Damnit! Stupid mosquitos!!
by Nick September 10, 2003
Bloodsucking insects from hell.
Me: These damned mosquitos are eating me alive! They're like thousands of mini-Draculas!
by Righteous Thumb October 22, 2008
A small, annoying, bitey insect that goes "Bzzzzzzzzzzz....SPLAT." If Only.
They bite and are annoying. Incidentally, I was bitten the other day. The wanker.
Annoyed bloke:
"For Pete's sake that fucking mosquito has been pissing me off for hours now! Where's the fly spray. Aha!"


by The Kiwi God August 19, 2005
Someone who buzzes around you, never stopping their chit-chat even when they are asked to, and although their voice and\or subject of discussion is extremely annoying. Being a mosquito is very common in preteens(especially if those maniacs are fucking gifted), but can be found also in adults.
Stop buzzing around me, mosquito!
by P.R. July 18, 2006
1. an annoying insect

2. when a sick bastard takes a straw and sucks up the blood from his female companion's seeping vagina
"Dude i gave her the mosquito."
"You are one sick little bastard."
by eduardo June 18, 2004
A girl that wants to date your boyfriend. Although she is not a threat to you, she is annoying and can get under your skin because she will always be buzzing around him. She is generally a girl who always gets what she wants so she isn't shy to flirt with your boyfriend shamelessly even when she knows he is taken. She thinks she can take you down, but like an actual mosquito this girl just needs to be squished.
I can't leave my boyfriend alone for 10 minutes without him getting attacked by those damn mosquitos!
by Craisin February 04, 2013
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