moshers dont have to hang out only wiv other moshers. Anyone who is sound enough to relise that moshers are much more fun than any other group. chavs/neds usually hate moshers because they are imature and think their hard cause their in a big group. the only time a ned will start a fight is if thier group has a 2:1 advantage. moshers dont need to listen to metal or have baggy clothes. its people who genually like to mosh in mosh pits a any concert. any real mosher will know this.
chav: look at that dirty mosher
chav2: ye lets kick his arse even though we dont have a reason
mosher stands his ground and the chavs shit themselves cause they arent actually intimidating anyone
mosher: lol
by -tj- January 15, 2008
A mosher is someone moshing in a mosh pit, nothing more - nothing less... If you think that a mosher is someone who wears baggy trousers and a green day top, YOU ARE WRONG. You can't mosh to green day and wearing long trousers will make you trip and break your neck... If you say moshers have greasy long hair YOU ARE WRONG you don't have to have hair to mosh... If you say they wear face paints YOU ARE WRONG and probably retarded as you can't tell the difference between a normal person and a black metal fan.

Footballers play football
Skaters skate
Plumbers plumb (fix water pipes)

moshers mosh
by luke from Rancour September 18, 2006
moshers arnt jst people who smell and av greasy hair! and become a mosher cuz they r sad and have no friends, they also DO NOT wear white make-up... whichever dumbass thinks that. they need to look up the word goth! moshers hate townies anad townies hate moshers! wudnt it b a better world if all townies died! they must use up all of boots make-up and hair acsessories! and half a bottle of sum shit smellin purfume they bought off a gypsy dwn the road!they tek the mick outa moshers cuz we wear pants that r baggy and hoodies with bands on, well we tek the mick outa the fuck up townies cuz u shag every guy whu knows were ur fanny is and how to do oral! so all u townies out there are fuk ups, moshers do wear make clothes, just not the makes u have heard ov. ur all sheep and copy each other!
death to all townies they are a waste of air and gold!! :D
by Ashleigh August 18, 2004
Prehistoric rocker.
Before depression, drainpipes and emo, there was light-heartedness, baggy jeans and moshers.

These were people who listened to a wide variety of rock music, but weren't particularly interested in fashion. Playing guitar out of genuine interest and skateboarding among teenage moshers was very common, unlike today, where many are too self-conscious to attempt any sport activity.

Attire can include anything from casual everyday wear, to So-Cal statements such as dickies shorts and high socks a-la Blink 182, to baggy hoodies and jeans, often with chains attached. Skinny jeans had not yet been invented.

Genuinely want to have a good time whilst moshing and headbanging in the 'mosh pit', hence where the word 'mosher' originated. Generally open-minded, fun, and nice people, always up for a party, often have many 'mosher' friends. Are indifferent to dirt and greasiness. Hate labelling or stereotypes. Only known enemies are jerks, chavs, neds and council estate working class pyromaniacs.

Most popular from the early-mid 1990's to early 2000's.
Extinct by about 2002.
Chav: 'See that mosher, mate! F*ckin' goth freak, like! Oi, turn around before I break you're f*ckin' jaw with me kappas, like!'

by Axlsucksballs January 15, 2010
A mosher is someone who enjoys listening to music (around the metal/rock area) They wear mainly jeans, sometimes skinny, sometimes baggy, and a lot of them wear plimsols. They usually have funky hair, but unfortunately i dont. As you may have guessed, I myself happen to be a mosher, and i am currently wearing grey checked skinny jeans, a brown hoodie (NOT CHAVVY OR PREPPY HOODY) and them bulky plimsol things with straps on. i do not believe in god and totally despise all chavs and preps. :P hope i helped
i cant do an example, every mosher has their own personality.
by a random gal October 31, 2009
A 'Mosher' is the name for people who listen to anything from rock-metal-deathcore and arent bothered if they're popular or not. They tend to hate chavs (who can blame them) and aren't obssessed with slipknot like most people make out. Not all 'moshers' have long hair and they wear any clothes that arent trackies. Overall they are very friendly unless your a chav and quite a few of them smoke, drink and take drugs but they don't do it to show off.
Mosher 1: *hug* Hi. have u heard suicide silence's new album yet.
Mosher 2: Yeh its fair good but i prefer all that remains newest album.
Mosher 3: Yeah but has anyone heard JFAC's new album.
Mosher 1 & 2: Yeah
(Chav walks up to them)
Chav: oy has any of you got a light
Mosher 2: I do
Chav: Can i have it
Mosher 2: No
Chav: Dickhead. i'm gonna get my uncle on you when he gets out of prison
by Chavhunter95 August 11, 2009
A mosher is often confused with goths, emos, and metalheads but dont be fooled. The term mosher is simply a person who hates chavs and is often found listening to various types of rock or metal music. They usually wear black/brightly coloured clothes along with blue jeans and any kind of shoes that suit the rest of their outfit. Moshers are also known to be quite passive in their approach to life i.e. they will never get involved in a fight unless they are strongly provoked. They do have a rebellion side of them but often they will not aim to break the rules but to simply bend them. They may also tend to hide feelings from others and then release those feelings to rock music instead of to other people.
chav: oi prick, wt kinda crappy ass music is tht?! u shud listen to sum proper r'n'b music with a wikid beat innit
mosher: First of all, i'm not a prick and you are a hypocrite. Secondly, this music is fucking awesome and you only like rap music because you're gay and you want to follow the crowd and their dumbass chart music.
chav: u fuckin wat m8?! i'll bang u out blud!
mosher: Yes, ofcourse you will. I am very scared. (sarcasm)
by YesIAmIndeedAMosher February 21, 2010

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