moshas aren't dirty tramp-like people as most people here seem to think. *rolls eyes at the scallies that obviously wrote these definitions*
Let's set this straight. Moshas are easy-going people who dress how they want to and don't follow all ur gay fashions. They do wash their hair and change their clothes *gasps in surprise* and dammit, they even take baths like normal people! All groups of people have their exceptions, like grebs are decent people, but you still get your weirdos that want to punch your lights out for looking at them weird. (not dissin grebs, just an example) Most moshas hate townies (for good reason) and come to that, most townies hate moshas (for no good reason other than they don't get off with their mums). Most of you also seem to think that the don't listen to "real rock". Most of the moshas I know like bands such as:
- Metallica
- Led Zeppelin
- Iron maiden
- Nirvana (okies, not technically rock but you get the idea)
- and those of you from Royston SOCKET!(had to be said)
So moshas aren't as bad as most of you seem to think, they are normal people that just happen to like to mosh and have a good time at rock concerts.
Scally~ Oi! you dirty mosha! U startin on me?
Mosha~ *walks away*
Scally~ when you last have a bath u filthy moshface! (actually heard someone call a mosha that :S)
Mosha~ *is a long way away by now and can't hear the pathetic insults that are COMPLETELY not true*
by Madi April 11, 2004
most peopole think all moshas hate all townies but they dont they just hate the people who slag us all off when they dont even know us. Moshas dont follow a trend they jus do what they want and arnt worried if other people dont like it.
Townie:OI mish mosh wash your hair
Mosha: laghs gives the townie the fing and walks off.
by James June 19, 2004
The term mosher comes from one that partakes in a mosh pit (the front of a concert a bit of pushing and shoving/dancing)
When this word started out, it was those people that liked there Rave music and it people who had long hair and liked Nirvana was branded as a mosha. Back then (1992-1998)Anyone who was branded a mosha was a minority and Ravers were the majority. This sort of battle has been going for years. Watch Quadrophinia - Mods & Rockers.

However, the younger generation (that were born after 1983) think it is a great word for someone who likes "Nu Metal" And go around calling people fake moshas (or as the spelling was originally "Moshers".
"Oi ya fookin' mosha, cut ya hair!"
by Adz November 21, 2003
Get a life and say something constructive you unindividual townie son of a bitch. Sorry, am i going to have to rephrase that so your mind doesn't explode? Umm.. you are a sheep, if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say it atall. I will hunt you down, take your skinny townie arse to a mosh pit and watch the 'gay moshas' rip you apart. Then we'll see whos gay. Can you please explain what makes moshERs gay in the first place?
Townie (to mosher standing with his girlfriend): Oi u gay mosha, get a fookin 'aircut.
Mosher: Excuse me?
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
mosha, Insult.
Used by Townies/scallies who are Obviosly the best things on the world, of course, with certainly gives them the right to put down EVERYONE else and brand them all as "Mosha's" of "Goff's"
No alternative in their right Mind would say they are a Mosha unless they were pathetic Half breeds, Minimoshas, Skaters who wish they weren't, you get the point.
Townie - "Ya Fucking Mosha!"
Alt - "Go Home, Get A Wash, Find Some music Taste, come back when your worth talking to"
Townie - "Ya Starting Me Like Kidda fuk?"
Alt - "No, actually"
Townie - "Eh, What, Yea ya were"
Alt - Parden, were you talking to me?"
Townie - *Brain Melts Out Of Ears in Confusion*
by Emetib April 27, 2004
Mosher in general means someone who prefers to wear things that dont have to come of a high priced label like Nike or Reebok and are constantly in an all out war with Townies Kev's Tegger's or Scally's. For most of a Moshers life He or She will be called one during their life we prefer diferent music and clothing get bloody over it.

Townies in internet chat rooms tend not to be able to spell using insults like shumt the fumnkup or you phyco none of them can type worth a damn.
(At a large party at night)
Townie: "Ooo mosha whats your name."
Me: "Me why Im the thing that goes bump in the Night". *Pushes over and walks by*
by Gabriel Davies August 07, 2004
defined by a scally: anyone who jumps around a bit and doesn't dress like me

defined by someone who is sober: anyone who partakes in a mosh. Which is everyone. There is nobody out there who has not moshed - its inevitable.

Its like saying someone has never danced.

see also: minimosher
Aah luk. Itz a mosha. Batter em
by melanie November 26, 2003
Spanish slang for a gorgeous woman
Ernesto: "Did you see that mosha?"

Armando: "She looks like one of those video vixens!"

Ernesto: "Too bad shes with that mosho..."
#sexy #woman #mosho #spanish #gorgeous
by lenisa de angerna February 22, 2010
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