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A label given to anyone who belongs to a sub culture of rock by chavs:
"Mosha's" are often seen as dirty, rude, gay/bi, an apparently their mum's get fucked reguarly by chavs, these are not true, most "mosha's" are not like this, and people who take pride in the sub culture they belive/follow will not call themselfs "mosha's" usually they are punks, goths, cyber goths, skinheads, indies, skaters or some bmx'ers which are proud to follow that exact subculture and do not want to be labled as a "mosha" often "mosha's" do not find the name offensive and it sounds rather silly.
chav: oi u fuckin mosha give me yer fuckin money

"mosha": shut up

chav: yer what m8 im gonna bang ya

"mosha": bang me with no lube? and im not your "m8"

chav: *confused look* yer fuckin mosha, arrrrrrrrrr i fucked yer mum

"mosha": indeed, i do not find "mosha" offensive and my mum is a lesbian

chav: fuckin dirty mosha

"mosha": shush child, think of a better name

chav: fuckin skank ed' *gets phone* ee ar m8 im gettin me home boi's down were gonna spark ya out!

"mosha": is that because you cant do it yourself?

chav: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa m8....

"mosha": indeed *walks away*

chav: *shouts obcenitys such as fuckin skank ed', dirty fuckin mosha, and i fucked ya mum ya dirty fuckin mosha go get a fuckin aircut'*
by Greg Hartley May 06, 2005
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(adj) Anyone in the world who is not wearing white branded clothing and listening to large American black men rapping about how many hos they shot last week because they lost their bling.
Townie: "MOSHA"
"Mosha": "Excuse me?"
Townie: "yeah weve seen ya ya fukin freak, get a fukin aircut"
"Mosha": "Sorry, but what business is it of yours how long my hair is, and where did you learn to speak like that at six years old?"
Townie: "fuk u u fukin gayboy"
by brannon! May 30, 2004
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moshas aren't dirty tramp-like people as most people here seem to think. *rolls eyes at the scallies that obviously wrote these definitions*
Let's set this straight. Moshas are easy-going people who dress how they want to and don't follow all ur gay fashions. They do wash their hair and change their clothes *gasps in surprise* and dammit, they even take baths like normal people! All groups of people have their exceptions, like grebs are decent people, but you still get your weirdos that want to punch your lights out for looking at them weird. (not dissin grebs, just an example) Most moshas hate townies (for good reason) and come to that, most townies hate moshas (for no good reason other than they don't get off with their mums). Most of you also seem to think that the don't listen to "real rock". Most of the moshas I know like bands such as:
- Metallica
- Led Zeppelin
- Iron maiden
- Nirvana (okies, not technically rock but you get the idea)
- and those of you from Royston SOCKET!(had to be said)
So moshas aren't as bad as most of you seem to think, they are normal people that just happen to like to mosh and have a good time at rock concerts.
Scally~ Oi! you dirty mosha! U startin on me?
Mosha~ *walks away*
Scally~ when you last have a bath u filthy moshface! (actually heard someone call a mosha that :S)
Mosha~ *is a long way away by now and can't hear the pathetic insults that are COMPLETELY not true*
by Madi April 11, 2004
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an enemy of a scally/townie/chav. never get along. a mosha is a lot easyier to understand and talk to. will no pretned to be 'ard'. they have a great taste in music with contains bands like nirvana, red hot chili peppers, blink 182, greenday and many more great bands. they usually wear black hoods (usually with the design of a particular band they like) baggie jeans and sometimes chains. they can have long hair or short hair. like to be left alone and kept to themselves.
scally: oi u long aired twat
mosha: shut the fuck up u fat bastard.
scally: u startin? im gonna batta ya
*fight starts*
mosha plants flag through scallys head!
by kurt cobain December 23, 2004
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A word defining an individual, slightly ironic I know. Chavs will try to use this as an insult, but in the long run won't insult anyone.

This could also mean someone who moshes.
Chav: U dirty fukkin' mosha. I'll fukin kill ya'
Mosha: *ignoring chav because he/she has better things to do with their time than insult someone over what they wear*
by Matt Gardner December 09, 2005
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Uber amazing people, with a very GOOD fashion sense and a chilled out sense of humor :) They can come in many shapes and sizes, the majority hate townies, except people like me who don't really care and can't be bothered to waste energy on usless battles.
Contrary to popular belife, moshas' do wash and can cut their hair (sometimes they even spike and dye it! WOW!!)They also wash their clothes and change them on a regular basis, tehy also change their underwear wash themselves and comb their hair, and also brush their teeth!! Suprised? Don't be :-p.
Townie/chav : Oi you, dickhead! Fucking spliff smoking moshhead, you starting? Go home an get a fuckin wash u fuckin cunt!
Mosha:**thinks is moshhead meant to insult me? i am a mosha after all** Ummm right, bye
by Charlotte February 04, 2004
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most peopole think all moshas hate all townies but they dont they just hate the people who slag us all off when they dont even know us. Moshas dont follow a trend they jus do what they want and arnt worried if other people dont like it.
Townie:OI mish mosh wash your hair
Mosha: laghs gives the townie the fing and walks off.
by James June 19, 2004
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