A drinking game created in Pelham involving one ping pong ball. The ball is thrown up at the ceiling and must bounce Into a cup, if you miss you drink a cup from the moshpit, if you make it you pick someone to drink. when you miss the ball is passed to right. The game continues like this until you only have the full cup left. When you miss you don't drink you just keep passing it till someone makes it. You cannot start the next game till the bitch cup is finished. Other rules- you cannot pick yourself to drink when you make a cup.
Bennett: Hey Johnny what do you wanna play tonight?
Johnny: let's do moshpit. The ceiling is perfect for it.
by Casualwhitekid April 27, 2013
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The ultimate way to show your love for your loud, pounding music taste. Controlled violence. The thing about the Mosh Pit is NOONE will take offence at you whacking them in the face...(I personally congradulate those that get a good shot in) there are different type of "pits" you can participate in, here are a few.

Closed Pit: Tight, hard to move and hard to breathe. A closed pit will usually happen during popular heavy songs like Slipknot - Duality or a S.O.A.D song.

Open Pit: Generally the worst/best you can pick a target and reach them, throw them across the floor punch them, barge them. There's enough room to just dive about punching everyone still causing little offece (Do be prepared to be hit back...a lot)
songs that will get open pits are the less popular but heavy ones.
Motograter music gathers a lot of open pits.

Circle Pit: The larger or stronger Moshers or Metal heads will run around in an empty circle punching those on the outside of the circle and pushing the runner infront until he either leaves or falls to be trodden on. these will happen on most slayer songs.

Slam-dancing Pits: Created by "Wooble" of Wolverhmapton fame. One hand will be behind back at all times (usually holding your beer) and the other one will be swinging side to side, whaloping other slam-dancers and headbanging to yourself.
Lamb Of God - Now You've Got Something To Die For
Is perfect to slam-dance to.

Piss-take Pits: Maetal heads will enjoy poking fun at the emo music by doe-see-doeing and linking arms and swinging happily...Some even girly-mosh in where they rest their heads on tachothers shoulders and flail their arms madly. this is where you generally ignore themusic and do stupid things while the emo's dance.

Any phisical damage done in a mosh pit should be "handshaked" away no hard feelings, enjoy
"I couldn't breathe in the Duality pit, totally squashed by mini's again"

"OMFG! Did you see the Open pits at Motograter, some fat guy charged streight throught the middle at me!it was amazing."

"You see me and Wooble slam-dancing? i think we shifted a good few emmo's"

"Total piss-take pit to MCR, was quite amusing."
by Herowyn July 23, 2005
a thing that takes place at metal concerts in which people basically kick the living shit out of each other.
"ohhh man, i got my ear ripped off at the hatebreed concert last night."
by person who knows his shit November 15, 2003
Mosh pits are when a group of headbangers or moshers or anything like that start to fight amongst them selfs.

This usaly includes:
Throwing your arms around to protect your own personal space.
Teaming up with a friend and spinning around so that you can both go flying into the crowd that soon gathers around.
Frantic pushing and shoving to get into the middle of the pit and join in with the singing(but more likly screaming) of the lyrics.

I have encountered three forms of mosh pits, grudge pits(where you pick a foe and dont stop fighting with them untill the music carms down), Open pits(where you can actually move and possibly hit other people), and closed pits(in these you can move very little)
go to any venue where rock music is being played and ask for any slipknot/killswitch music...or even lost prophets fake sound of progress
by Zepth August 19, 2004
a place at a gig where you can dance with however the fuck you want with a bunch of people you don't know. the dancing will often include punches aimed in the air NOT at the person nearest to you however usually results in full contact. can be dangerous however everyone with a ticket should feel welcome in the mosh pit.
i'm not going in the moshpit tonight cuz i have a weak knee/some jock in the moshpit punched me in the mouth and just acted like nothing happened.
by buncey November 20, 2004
Getting beat up in a fun way; people that like punk rock music run around in a circle and crash into each other for fun.
Me and my friend had a mosh pit at the Ramones concert. =D
by Dee June 12, 2004
Formed by Metalheads/Rockers/Moshers/Punks as a form of dance and can (sometimes) be used as a highly effective death sentence for Chavs
Metalhead at concert: Mosh Pit!
by Metal Master September 27, 2005
Jumping around, punching, kicking, and generally being violent to <b>LIVE</b> music, usually heavy metal, punk rock, hardcore or anything fast and hard.

It is not an excuse to try and hurt people but was origionally formed due to heavy metallers trying to release some of the fustrations of life.

Early Punkers didnt mosh, they skanked, pogoed and put stanley knives in each others backs.
"Dude! what happened to your arm?"

"Some tosser took a skateboard into the moshpit. Prick"

"Sucks to be you man."
by Wil C December 23, 2005
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