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moscato is a sweet slightly sparkling wine made from muscat grapes made popular by rappers such as kanye west.
"hypno chrysto i mean whatever, but serraco moscato it do taste better.."
by annonymous 26 January 12, 2007
In reality it is a very sweet dessert wine that is now popular with hoodrats, niggas, and a wide variety of other ignorant peoples, typically of urban origin.

It is the new replacement for White Zin, another wine that is used with every meal by uncultured assholes.
Dayday:"Yo son, Shawtie been drinking that Moscato with her steak."
Todd:"Don't call me 'son', PATRICK. Your girlfriend is an idiot, that's a dessert wine. As a matter of fact, you're fired..You disgust me."
by DrAllWright December 12, 2010