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Fiendishly complex game popularised by
British radio show, "I´m Sorry I Haven´t Got A Clue". The game is based on moves
around the London Underground (Tube) map. The winner is the first to reach
Mornington Crescent.
From the FAQ: "It is impossible to approach Mornington Crescent on a Direct Diagonal as a quick look at the tube map will show. (Unless you play Real Geography in which case a Direct Diagonal may well be possible, but not being a Real Geographist I wouldn't like to say)."
by English Boy December 06, 2004
Fictional game played by Londoners of a certain background, intended to intimidate an outsider to their social clique. The aim to to pretend you are playing to a set of complex rules which are never explained.

Players take turns to name an underground station, the "winner" is the first to "reach" Morninton Crescent, at which point they enthusiastically shout the name of this station. If the outsider attempts to join in, they shout him down, giving a look of abject scorn.

It can be played on internet message boards, derailing a serious thread by posting a comment with the name of an underground station in bold. Then consecutive users will start posting otherwise irrelevant comments with more station names bolded, until someone simply posts in bold capitals "MORNINGTON CRESCENT"!!!!!
<Fred231> I hate the congestion charge, it costs so much to go into the City
<Bob456>But public transport is also expensive, it costs me a bomb to get to Charing Cross each day.
<Ed34>My granny lives near *Old Street*
<HotChick765>I bought a Parrot from *Leicester Square*
<ZeroCool4723>MORNINGTON CRESCENT!!!!!!!!121!!234!!!!

and the thread is derailed.
#fake game #mornington creascent #tube #underground #clique #london
by Mahmhn May 24, 2009
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