This backyard sport is a favorite for people who cannot afford a ping pong table but still wish to play. Morningwood consists of a sheet of plywood elevated to the standard height of a ping pong table. This can be done with anything from wooden stands to an old tree stump in the backyard. The rules are the same as regular ping pong with 4 exceptions. The first is that the table much be a sheet of plywood, and the second is that all paddles must be hand made out of a 3 foot long 2 by 4. The length of the wood must remain within 2.5 and 3 feet, but the player can carve out any shape he wishes to fit his playing style as long as the length remains within the allowable range. The third is that the net must be a 2 by 4. The fourth is that you can hold your "paddle" anywhere. Moving hand grips and adjusting your style is key in a match. Preferably played in the morning as the name suggests.


Savage: This is the most basic playing style. It consists of using the entire 2 by 4 unmodified. In otherwords you play with the original block of wood given. This style is known for long reaches as well as powerful shots. Savage players can also utilize both ends of "paddle" for greater versatility.

Altered Savage: This consists of creating a small handle at one end of the savage for grip and weight reduction. This is known for faster, more accurate and predictable shots as well as less range and power.

More styles will be updated when created...
Morningwood is a form of backyard table tennis only involving pieces of wood and ping pong balls.
by Rzrunner April 09, 2008
see monopoly and stiffy
i dunno what causes morning wood
by ross March 05, 2004
When a man wakes up to go pee in the morning and misses the toilet because his Woody is happy asf
*birds chirping* *guy yawning*

Guy: good morning sunshine

* Walks to the toilet and pulls down pj's*

Guy: I just need to pee real quick then I'll go to work. *pissssssssssss* *misses*

by Just_a_guy_named_grandpa April 09, 2016
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