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When a person (preferably a man) wakes up in the morning in an upside-down "T" position. Characterized by the largest, possibly most embarrasing erection ever to be witnessed. Also called "morning glory" and "pitching a tent." Ways of getting rid of morning wood include: counting to 100, visualizing your grandmother in a string bikini, and challenging youreslf to a friendly game of horseshoes (ringtoss if no horseshoes are readily available).
MOM: "Billy, wake up! Time to go to school."
BILLY: "God, mom, How many times have I told you to knock?!?"
MOM: "Goodness Billy, why did you pitch a tent inside your bed?"
BILLY: "I didn't mom. It's my morning wood. Now get out!!!"
by Don Andino February 01, 2006
when you wake up in the morning with an erection. is exceptionally poor if you are wearing gym shorts, because you usually have to stay in bed for a few minutes while it goes down if you have other people in your house, and generally sticks straight out, not following up your body like normal wood.
i couldnt get out of bed for a few minutes this morning because i had morning wood and it wouldnt go down
by 569683786 August 06, 2007
Waking up with an erection. It's often associated with the need to use the bathroom upon waking up. Scientific term is nocturnal penile tumescence. There is no real scientific proof as to why men wake up with a erection although there are many theories. And by the way "dr. Pascalle" is a fake and an idiot. No such thing as hypervasodilation.

Means the same thing as Morning Glory
It sucks trying to take a piss when you got a morning wood.
by Urban Cock May 11, 2009
When you wake up and you have a massive boner. You could go camping with the tent you pop every morning. You cannot get out of bed untill everyone is out of the room.
When i pop my massive tent, with my morning wood all the girls jumped in.
by Eli R. May 22, 2008
An alternative rock band from New York City, started in 2001. It consists of Peter(or "Pedro") Yanowitz- bassist and back-up vocals, Chantal Claret (vocals, married to Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence), Alfredo Ortiz and Phillip Shouse. Their hits include Take Off Your Clothes and Nth Degree.
I just got my dad to order me the new Morningwood CD from Amazon, without first finding out the meaning of the word. (seeMorning Wood for more details)
by SprocketTalker May 04, 2009
An erection a male has when waking up.
Also known as a piss-hardon.
by PiE! March 18, 2003
When you say good morning to someone with the surname "Wood". Initially it will sound like you are talking about a morning erection.
Morning Wood!
Im sorry what?
I said good morning Wood!
by hdver January 18, 2012
When a male gets a erection in the morning or as soon as he gets up. Meaning getting a boner in the morning.
Jose:Why did you not wake up
Pj: Because i got a Morning Wood
by GetItOn October 19, 2009