When a woman wakes up horny and ready to fuck
My girl had morning dew today, bitch had to change her panties.
#morning doo #morning wood #dry crotch #wet #horny
by astrosmurf May 30, 2015
The female's "morning wood"; waking up aroused (female).
(Waking up with her climbing on top of you): "some sweet morning dew that needs to be taken care of, I see."
#morning wood #horny #aroused #wet #in the mood.
by ElSenorDuke August 29, 2014
the act of sticking one's finger (or fingers) up one's own butthole and awaken the person (or persons)
next to you with the aroma.
Katie was awoken unexpectedly to the scents and subtle smells of the fresh Morning Dew.
#morning #butthole #finger #morning doo #asshole
by Dgreene August 12, 2010
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