when your dick gives you a standing ovation in the morning just for waking up.
I woke up this morning and I had morning wood. I was so proud.
by dj cuff yo chick February 08, 2011
n. When a man wakes up with a boner. 1. Attributed to natural causes, or
2. Possibly derived from getting Morning head or both.
I had such fat morning wood I couldn't go to the bathroom when I got up today.
by Sixty Sex Spot June 29, 2002
Perhaps one of the greatest of God's creations, but at the same time the worst. It all depends on the circumstances. When the body goes into REM sleep, capillaries go into hyper vasodilation, and thus the penis becomes goes in one of the most intense and hardest erections a man can experience.
TEACHER: Tommy!? You're late again! Care to explain!?
TOMMY: You want the truth?
TOMMY: OK, here it goes. For the past few mornings, I've woken up with some gnarly morning wood, and to waste something is a sin; so, I took full advantage of the situation each time.

DAN: Dude, what's up? You sick or something?
JAKE: No, man. I slept naked last night, and slept in this morning to the point where my mom came into my room and threw the sheets off of me. I had massive morning wood, dude, and she saw it. AWKWARD!!!
by JSF87 June 13, 2011
an errection of the male penis, typically in the morning hours, caused by unknown resources.
I woke up today with morning wood!!
by MicrosoftMurdeR December 05, 2004
When a guy wakes up with a woody in his pants.(Really hard to get rid of.)
"Giovanni how do you get rid of morning wood."-Enrique
"I look at a picture of your mom..."-Giovanni
"Fuck off."- Enrique
"Let me finish then I jack off, cause your moms a MILF."-Giovanni
"You're a ass."-Enrique
by Ej the prp April 17, 2008
when you wake up in the morning with an erection. is exceptionally poor if you are wearing gym shorts, because you usually have to stay in bed for a few minutes while it goes down if you have other people in your house, and generally sticks straight out, not following up your body like normal wood.
i couldnt get out of bed for a few minutes this morning because i had morning wood and it wouldnt go down
by 569683786 August 06, 2007
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