To propell night sweat from the buttocks onto your partner's face via flatulance.
Although cool and soothing, Sally did not enjoy her shower of morning mist.
by Ben Hinez August 17, 2005
Top Definition
When a man wakes up in the morning, sometimes, he gets a boner, an erection, a hard on, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes, when a girl wakes up in the morning, she is wet, aroused, horny.

For men, it's called "Morning Wood."

It is called "Morning Mist" for girls because of the warm and wet feeling produced down below. Kind of like a mist.
Dude, I got Michelle horny before she fell asleep last night and she woke up with a morning mist!
by Dinosawruhoh May 12, 2010
The mist that supposedly arises from the toilet during urination and flushing and gets all over everything in the bathroom.
Mom, why are you brushing your teeth in the kitchen?

The mist! The morning mist! It gets on my toothbrush!
by owan January 17, 2008
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