The best friends ever. Absolutely hilarious and quite blonde at times i might add. :)
The Book Of Mormon is fun to throw at people on a short bus.
by Diana March 23, 2005
Huh...mormons are funny. I have a friend who's a mormon. He's funny. He makes fun of me because I'm a jew, but I don't hold it against him.
Who's that guy with ten wives who's making fun of that fat Jew? Oh, he's just the average mormon!
by Dave the Jew March 09, 2005
the sweetest, nicest, funniest people you will ever meet.
we ARE christian and do NOT worship joseph smith,we believe everyone has a chance and that we will all return to heaven to be with heavenly father and jesus christ. we live worthy lives and some choose to go on missions to preach the word of God but we are not forced to. we are not brainwashed and our guidlines are for the better of everyone. i am very proud to be mormon and everyone thinks thats weird but i love it and i dont care what everyone thinks of me
im proud to be mormon
by megan May 07, 2005
hey ya'll out there how think mormons are some cult,are we saying stuff about you and your churches,are we makeing fun of u,are we holding up signs that say stuff rong ubout us,u haven't even come to it so how the FREEKING HECK would you no!!!and if you beleave something u beleave it but dont put down the mormon church when we haven't done nothing to you. u beleave what u want and we will beleave what we want.
u touch me i touch u 10 times harder.
by chippy chipmunk April 05, 2005
Mormons are the only true religion. Our church's foundation is on Jesus christ, familys, forgivness, and eternal life! The book of mormon...thats not just somemade up book, in the restore gosepel, another testament of Jesue Christ. I am mormon and im ridiculed for my religion ALL THE TIME, but the people who ridicule me only do it because they HEARD THATS WHAT WE BELIEVE OR SOMEONE TOLD THEM THATS WHAT WE BELIEVE...well guess what? it isnt true!!,and say all this stuff like we think we can become our own gods , and joseph smith, commited sexual crimes w/ teenagers?!
I dont know where u got that information from, but your be lied to!!
The truest of the true religions!
by me March 26, 2005

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