Where sales meets religion.
The perfect religion for gullible yanks.

Sickeningly positive all the fucking time and so bloody nice.
Donny Osmond

Still keeps trying to get back into showbiz!!!
by Doc Johnson February 07, 2004
1. The second 'm' is silent. see moron
2. The religous wing of the Iluminati
3. a judeo-christian religion based on the teachings of Joseph Smith, a disgruntled Freemason
The mor(m)ons are on the porch again... get the shotgun!
by pope loki July 17, 2003
Due to an earlier misapropriation im writing this because Mormon the maker of the book of mormon did state and practice that polygamy was alright. Also some sects of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints do still practice polygamy. Though overall not a bad group of people everyone of them ive met are nice to a point of it being obscene.
Recent news. NBC, CBS and such that was like a few weeks ago though.
by jwns June 30, 2005
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We're not a cult, we don't want to force religion down your throat, and we whole-heartedly accept that you have your own opinion. We believe our church's doctrine to be true, yet many of the members are still quite flawed (myself included, as well as many others who have attempted to tell you what we're all about).

If you really want to know about our church, talk to the missionaries. Members have a tendency to twist what we believe in their own ways. The missionaries will (for the most part) set you straight on our beliefs. They will never force what they have to say upon you. If you don't want them around, just politely tell them so. Trust me, I was a missionary myself. You can be mean to them, but they'll just make fun of you (like anybody else would).

The only real way for people to tell us apart from everyone else (and no, it's not our horns...although they're really quite stylish) is from the things we DON'T do. For example, we don't drink coffee or tea, and we don't have sex before we're married. By choice, mind you. Our members are free to drink as much coffee as they want, or look up as much porn as they want. Seems to me that being able to NOT do such things is a great exercise in self-control. Most people don't seem to like that because they themselves do not have the same self-control and they want to put down anyone else who does.

Please don't disparage Joseph Smith. We revere him as a great man. It's not his church, and we don't worship him. We follow our Savior Jesus Christ (although sometimes as members we have a tendency to think of that as a given, and could probably be more vocal about it).

We're not perfect. Neither are you. If you don't like us, that's fine. We accept that. We've heard everything you have to say about us. While most of it is either untrue or twisted, we allow you to have your own opinion. You don't have to join our church, so I don't see why everyone feels the need to condemn us. I don't remember Christ telling us to condemn another who believes and follows Him.

Do you?

I myself am a Mormon and I love our church. We've got some really amazing people who do some really amazing things. I mean...who DOESN'T love the Osmonds??? (That was a joke) But heck! Did you know the dude that invented the TV was Mormon? Holy crap, it's true! Philo Farnsworth. Look it up!

If you want to learn more about us visit Mormon.org or LDS.org. Good luck to us all.
Mormons rock! (just a little lighter than others, that's all)
by JDeck May 29, 2008
A person. Not necessarily kind, horrible, white, conservative, liberal, crazy, sane, whatever. They happen to believe that the Bible is not THE only revelation God has EVER given to mankind. Mormons don't have multiple wives any more than Catholics lynch scientists in public squares. Only Mormons who are idiotic bigots display racist, sexist, or homophobic tendencies. Just like EVERYONE else. And no, they don't have horns. Get over it.
"I'm bored. Let's make up stupid things about the Mormons and post them on the internet!"

by dont_frack_with_L April 30, 2008
A member of the church of Jesus of Latter(last) Day Saints.

Many do not understand this religion, and like the people who call mentally disabled people "retards", they get angry at what they do not understand.

As many have already defined this religion in a reasonable way, I will not go into details.
I don't know Mormons are, so instead of actually asking them and saving a lot of time, I think I'll go online and rant about how stupid they are!
by Cayla M. March 20, 2008
A religion people love to hate.

Often very backwards and confusing to people who don't take the time to fully understand it. Most simply spew on about missionaries being brainwashed, about living in Utah, and of course, have many wives. But that's not all Mormonism is, it's only the stereotypical tip of the iceberg.

As an atheist I really can't tell you all it's about but, IMO, it's mainly based on forgiveness, being the best you can, and the future of your soul.

Shame Mormon's have such a bad rep...
Typical (foolish) conception of Mormons:

"I want to be a Mormon and have 16 wives and live in Utah and never drink coffee because I have no idea what this religion is actually about!"
by Spumdiddly? September 03, 2007
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