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A cult, descended from the bigger cult Christianity, pioneered by a polygamist. Its holy book is the Book of Mormon, written by said polygamist. Very bad for the planet.
Hey, Mormons! Ever heard of OVERPOPULATION!?
by Disillusioned Hippie September 25, 2005
a. Cult with the hottest girls ever
b. Cult with some hot guys as well
c. 98% of Utah
d. 98% Republicans
e. Mecca=BYU Utah
f. Accused of polygamy
g. A series of unbelieveable rules, restricting oneself from drinking, drugs, sex, interaction, dress, immodesty, laguage, and political belief, all to become a better person
Oh snap! Look at that stormin' mormon!
Modest is hottest!
by jane February 24, 2005
An amazing nick name giving so someone who fits the stereotype of the Mormon religion.

A handsome guy. Who will be the nicest guy you've ever met. No one can hate him even if they try to.

They are typically great drummers and over all artistically gifted.

They know a lot about religion and love to debate on the subject.

Warning: Can be heart-breakers. But even if they break your heart you still can't hate them!
I love you Mormon.
by SammasaurusRex February 03, 2010
Mormons are very awesome people that are really nice.
We DO NOT believe green jello is a sacred food. Who in the heck came up with that??
Oh yeah, we say things like, oh my heck, oh my gosh etc.
mormon: OH MAH HECK
by meowmormoncool January 04, 2010
n. A person who is one em away from being a moron
adj. Pertaining to the above-mention type of person.
It turns out that not all people from Utah are Mor(m)ons, fortunately.
by Freethinker July 07, 2004
Yes we're weird. No we don't have horns... I don't know where the heck that came from, California. But we do play church ball and drink hot chocolate!!! Or diet coke....
Friend: What're you doin tonight?
Mormon: Playin church ball and having hot chocolate!
by mormonrocks February 09, 2010
A religion that relies on converting the dead to their religion, since in the land of the living participation is rather low.
Dont post any names of your dead relatives on the net or they'll get mormonized..
by Werther February 16, 2003