A very nice, generous, misunderstood group of people. No they don't practice poligamy and have multiple wives. We only try to do the best we can in life. We're not perfect and don't think we're perfect. We only strive to work hard and get through life without much trouble. We don't put down other religions, and we don't think you'll go to hell or whatever just because you're in a different religion. We believe everyone has a chance to have eternal salvation and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are two seperate beings, and that Christ created the Earth. We are Christian. And no, we don't think Joseph Smith (the translator of the book of mormon) is a god, we believe he is a prophet of God.We aren't here to overtake the world, we promise.We only try to allow everyone who would like to hear about our church to hear about it. We understand that its your choice to join or not and we don't to force it upon you. Thank you, and I hope you understand mormons better.
Oh, there goes a missionary. He's not scary, he's just trying to do the best he can in life.
by Whitney February 07, 2005
A strict ass religion. You dont even get coffee or caffinated soda. Husband and wives have to many kids. Most think they are better than you. They trie to put there religion on you by fruits on bikes being wannabe Jehova Wittnesses.
Mr & Mrs Mormons brainwashing there kids. Into a magical world of Candy & disneyland.
by Setnom Odlijnamreh June 18, 2006
Descendents of aliens from the planet Mormog, whose mothership crash-landed in the middle of what is known today as Salt Lake City, Utah. In an attempt to fit in, they adopted the dominant religion, Christianity, and twisted certain aspects around to suit their alien ways of life. The main compartment of the ruined craft survived however. It is buried approximately a mile underneath their greatest temple, and is heavily guarded by purposely grown (and carefully trained) biological monstrosities. The reason for all this security is that the craft harbors advanced mind-warping technology. Should they ever bring their advanced alien science into light, Mormons could tear the very fabric of Western society. Every non-Mormon mind would be enslaved to a great machine - an undetected, disembodied entity hidden (like the preserved remains of their ship) underneath their great temple - and forced to do their bidding. Those who resist would be exterminated via their lethal, telepathic powers. You have been warned.
The Osmonds are Mormons.
by Andrew Bastard May 16, 2006
some freaky people who always knock on your door precisely during the middle of your dinner. Also believe that when they die they will become gods of their own planet, but only the men get a planet. Founded by Joseph Smith, who was previously convicted as being a con artist. They often piss you off.
The Mormon missionaries came to the door to preach to me, so I preached to them about the wonders of satanism and then told them if they did not leave my front porch they would be the main thing in my rituals. consequently, every Thursday evening I preform a blood sacrafice
by Sexy_sky_sky April 27, 2008
Just another cult
Jehovah's Witness, Chistian Science, Scientology, People's Temple, Branch Davidians, 7th Day Adventists, Boston Movement, and Mormons are all exactly the same: seductive CULTS.
by Carey1234 October 17, 2011
1) A religious cult that is only a few centuries old- survives purely through having tons of children and indoctrinating them (see brainwash)

2) A person who believes in magical underwear and that if you are a white male you will become a god of your own planet

3) A group of people who hijacked Christianity in order to give some kind of legitimacy to their batshit insane religion. A con man named Joseph Smith found plates that for some reason weren't important enough to keep but everyone should just take his word on it. He also got a lot of his revelations through looking into a hat

4) A religious cult who keeps changing its doctrine to hide its racism and ridiculous beliefs

5) Generally nice people who have been systematically misinformed since birth, and as such will fight till the bitter end against any form of reason and will leave tons of boring definitions on urbandicionary, basically devaluing one of the best resources on the web.
Wow you just pulled that entire paper out of your ass! Joseph Smith himself couldn't have done it better! You Mormon spawn?
by jackjames78 September 19, 2010
A person of a religious cult that comes onto urban dictionary to attempt to make right the "wrongs" of what the rest of the users are saying about this religion. They try to say that all understandings about the Mormon faith are common misconceptions, then continue to promote Mormonism. Unfortunately, most of these "misconceptions" are actually plain truth; showing just how incompetent they truly are.
Guy one: Dude, this user on Urban totally just said that Mormonism is the right faith! Maybe it actually is...

Guy two: yeah, they're actually a Mormon too... They're lying, it isn't the right faith
by Lazinator July 12, 2009
Mormons Are And Forever will be Retarded. Their Beliefs are laughed upon by Every other religion, and Jesus laughs Upon them too. First of all, Indians Were NEVER White, and God did not "Turn them RED". Second, Jesus Never lived in America. Third, Dont make up a religion for Brain Washing little kids into being future Fucks of America. And Lastly, Joseph Smith was not a "Hero", and not even close to a "Prophet", He was a man who obtained Opium from the Navajo Indians, and made up ridiculous thoughts which basically make up your religion today Latter Day Fucks. Congratulations, Your the Offspring of a straight up Homo who had butt sex with animals.
What's the difference between a dead dog lying in the road, and a Dead Mormon lying in the Road? The Dead Dog had Skid marks leading up to its body.
by Greg Wall April 21, 2008

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