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A very nice, generous, misunderstood group of people. No they don't practice poligamy and have multiple wives. We only try to do the best we can in life. We're not perfect and don't think we're perfect. We only strive to work hard and get through life without much trouble. We don't put down other religions, and we don't think you'll go to hell or whatever just because you're in a different religion. We believe everyone has a chance to have eternal salvation and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are two seperate beings, and that Christ created the Earth. We are Christian. And no, we don't think Joseph Smith (the translator of the book of mormon) is a god, we believe he is a prophet of God.We aren't here to overtake the world, we promise.We only try to allow everyone who would like to hear about our church to hear about it. We understand that its your choice to join or not and we don't to force it upon you. Thank you, and I hope you understand mormons better.
Oh, there goes a missionary. He's not scary, he's just trying to do the best he can in life.
by Whitney February 07, 2005
(n.) a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The largest church to be established in America, therefore known as the "American Religion", it is a world wide church with over 13 million members across the globe. "Mormonism" is a branch of Christianity, and consider the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon to be it's primary religious texts. The LDS (or Mormon) church is centered around the family unit, and it's purpose is to help people to return to a Heaven and a Heavenly Father there who created all of humanity, to leave for eternity with their families and at God's side. This is achieved by following the teachings of Heavenly Father (God), which were taught by Jesus Christ, the prophets of Biblical times, and the prophets of the LDS church in these latter days.
The LDS church is most commonly known for it's high moral code, which includes:
-Honoring the laws of the land
-No consumption of alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, or anything that takes away the agency (the greatest gift of God to his children) of man on this Earth. (these are believed to take away your agency because they are addictive)
-Complete sexual chastity until marriage, including any sexual behaviors such as pornography, masturbation, and sexual contact.
-Protection of your body as a holy temple, which includes abstaining from any illegal drug use, tattoos, more than 1 set of ear piercings for women, dressing modestly, and not consuming alcohol, tobacco, coffee or tea.
Do you want to know what Mormon's actually believe in, not rumors and myths? Go to mormon.org for the answers!
by dbrown7 December 02, 2010
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We're not a cult, we don't want to force religion down your throat, and we whole-heartedly accept that you have your own opinion. We believe our church's doctrine to be true, yet many of the members are still quite flawed (myself included, as well as many others who have attempted to tell you what we're all about).

If you really want to know about our church, talk to the missionaries. Members have a tendency to twist what we believe in their own ways. The missionaries will (for the most part) set you straight on our beliefs. They will never force what they have to say upon you. If you don't want them around, just politely tell them so. Trust me, I was a missionary myself. You can be mean to them, but they'll just make fun of you (like anybody else would).

The only real way for people to tell us apart from everyone else (and no, it's not our horns...although they're really quite stylish) is from the things we DON'T do. For example, we don't drink coffee or tea, and we don't have sex before we're married. By choice, mind you. Our members are free to drink as much coffee as they want, or look up as much porn as they want. Seems to me that being able to NOT do such things is a great exercise in self-control. Most people don't seem to like that because they themselves do not have the same self-control and they want to put down anyone else who does.

Please don't disparage Joseph Smith. We revere him as a great man. It's not his church, and we don't worship him. We follow our Savior Jesus Christ (although sometimes as members we have a tendency to think of that as a given, and could probably be more vocal about it).

We're not perfect. Neither are you. If you don't like us, that's fine. We accept that. We've heard everything you have to say about us. While most of it is either untrue or twisted, we allow you to have your own opinion. You don't have to join our church, so I don't see why everyone feels the need to condemn us. I don't remember Christ telling us to condemn another who believes and follows Him.

Do you?

I myself am a Mormon and I love our church. We've got some really amazing people who do some really amazing things. I mean...who DOESN'T love the Osmonds??? (That was a joke) But heck! Did you know the dude that invented the TV was Mormon? Holy crap, it's true! Philo Farnsworth. Look it up!

If you want to learn more about us visit Mormon.org or LDS.org. Good luck to us all.
Mormons rock! (just a little lighter than others, that's all)
by JDeck May 28, 2008
1 step above scientology
scientology they misread your iq mormons your prolly shitfaced
by gbvgqawDCEQWJKLFCHAUWHNDO'AS January 24, 2010
Keepers of the secret truth behind magnets.
although many have tried to squeeze this secret from the mormons, many have failed.
Mormon:"Hello, would you like to ask a question on our basic beliefs?
Me:"Yes, how do magnets work?"
Mormon:"your chat has ended"
by Livinundatehbridge February 28, 2011
-1/4th shot of lemon juice

-3/4th shot of Captain Morgan
Mixing Captain "Mor"gan and Le"mon" making "Mormon"
by Jmill3 November 14, 2010
A religious group that knows more about what they believe than you do. So shut up about it already.
Non-Mormon: Mormons believe aliens will come to earth and enslave us all. They're a crazy cult
Mormon: No, we don't believe that. Why don't you do some actual research before you open your big, stupid mouth
by The Tankster April 19, 2011
A religion that is greatly misunderstood. Many only know them because of their missionaries that visit door-to-door. Many misconceptions are that they can have more than one wife. That is a lie. When the church was restored by Joseph Smith (who was not a crazy guy) everyone was allowed to have more than one wife. Another, we do not offer money to God or Jesus, it's called tithing. It is given to the church to pay for more churches, temples, the MTC (Missionary Training Center), etc. Another is that people believe we created a new Bible. That is incorrect. Joseph Smith recovered the Book of Mormon about a century ago after praying to God, asking about which religion to join. God answered said none were right. We also do not believe that you have to be a mormon, or you'll go to hell. Only those who are truly evil go to hell (murderers, rapists, ect.) Some of us do have many children because one of our duties is to have as many as possible, but it isn't like we actually have hundreds like many people joke around about. Also, we aren't really called 'Mormons,' that is just the slang term. We are actually LDS, or Latter-Day Saints. One last thing; we believe in God the Father, Christ the Son, and in the Holy Ghost. They are the Godhead, separate but one. Three different people, all here for the same thing.
Person 1: Hey, what church do you go to?

Person 2: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Person 1: Isn't that Mormon?

Person 2: That's what many know us by.

Person 1: Wow. Just want to say, Joseph Smith was some crazy old guy. I can't believe you worship him. Oh, and you like, sacrifice money to him or something. That's just stupid.

Person 2: He wasn't crazy, he was blessed. If you actually want to learn some real facts about us then read the Book of Mormon.
by Anonymous LDS Saint February 27, 2011