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Someone who is addicted to their own national lager regardless of taste or price, eg someone from scotland who is addicted to tennants lager.
Your such a cheapskate morley.
by sun tan drews April 12, 2007
17 32
slang (yes SLANG!!!) word for pot, weed, dope, canabis, hash, etc
by eils and chick June 26, 2003
28 43
A term used to describe a special type of closet homosexual. When a person cannot face his or her own true sexuality and instead focuses all of his or her energy on building and enhancing Star Trek and Ghostbusters paraphernalia.
See that guy's proton pack? What a morley!
by the james April 12, 2006
54 70
Annointed King of STFU, Chris Morley was the original founder of PCFX, mxFX, WhereIsPhantom, and his hit-or-miss smack-downs are famous on websites ranging from 3dfiles, Tech-PC, Hard|OCP, Hardware-Pacers, and many others.
My was as if Morley himself logged in and smacked your bitch up!
by Arin March 03, 2004
19 37
A pint of lager with a bit of lemonade in the bottom. Usually drunk by ponces (or southerners).
I feel like a tart's drink. "A pint of Morley please."
by JJ July 27, 2003
16 35