n.) an orgasm that keeps hitting you way after the intial feeling has left, much like a shockwave following an explosion.


a flurry of orgasms that hit all at once.
Jeff gave me such a good morgasm last Tuesday night i can almost still feel it.

by J.Mark August 19, 2006
Any orgasm with wither morgan freeman, or morgan (last name removed) involved. Only few have survived. Others described intense pleasure followed by insane hallucinations. If the 2 morgans get together, the world will end. We must keep them seperate.
Oh my god. You're flashing colors again. Have you been messing around with morgan? Morgasms can kill you, you know.
by otherone23 January 26, 2011
Simple form of "multi orgasmic". To experience more than one orgasm before moving on to other activities.
"I hoped we would have time for an orgasm, but was lucky enough for m-orgasm. Good thing I drank plenty of fluids".

Past tense:
"I didn't just cum....I m-orgasm'd the dude".

"He's a righteous lover, effortlessly m-orgasmic".

"M-orgasmically speaking , they were well matched".

Some kinda Verb:
"Meanwhile, back at The Ranch, Bob and Alice's m-orgasming, woke the neighbors".

"When one orgasm won't do, only having more will. One orgasm must insist on m-orgasm".

First written use:
"My mind makes me 'magin making moments o'mad midnight mating midst music n' multiple m-orgasms with m'lady".
(Sir William to his Mistress)
by Dim the Average February 28, 2012
When you want something recently had enough to cum yourself. ex. specific type of morgasm.
Billy shared some chocolate with Max and Max wanted more so bad he had a chocolate morgasm.
by snowwwzy April 04, 2011
the act of slowly dying inside from looking at a fat, ugly bitch with a lisp while she tells you stories about a cruise. (aka: any female named "morgan")
As Ali listed to her friend Morgan go on and on about something useless, she realized that she was dying from a morgasm.
by Morgan's Fat June 14, 2010
An orgasm of the highest intensity
Holy fuck, I made that girl Morgasm until her fucking brains were fried, she told me it felt like cumming pure ecstacy
by ActaFool420 April 09, 2011
When a Mormon gets really excited about something church related.
Look guys! I just downloaded the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and all the Hymns on my iphone! How cool is that?!

I think Ash just had a morgasm...
by Mand5492 February 05, 2011
A beautiful girl who, with just one look, gives you an orgasm!
Guy 1: Dude... Did you see that girl, Morgana?
Guy 2: YA! I just had a MORGASM!!
by Selvaina September 14, 2010

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