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morganville vampires by writen by Rachel Caine. there are 6 books so far. more to come. morganville vampires deal with vampires. unlike twilight the vampires are bad. but of course a few are good. the story takes place in morganville texas.
main charters: claire danvers(16 year old college student), shane collins(18 year old hottie/badass rebell), eve rosser18 year old goth with a psyco killer brother), michael glass(18 year old sexy musician with a hotter secert then he is), monica morrell(cheif skank)ovlier(evil)amelie(the most bad ass vamp there is), sam glass(micheal glass's grandfather)
sarah aka eve: have you read morganville vampires?
justine aka claire:hell yeah it awsome!shane collins is hott! he's mine you cant have him!!
sarah aka eve: shane is hott but micheal is sexyy!
by mrs.eve glass March 01, 2009
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