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super hot video game geek girl. she co-hosts a TV show called X-Play.
omfg Morgan looks juicy in that shirt.
by artoo April 29, 2005
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proof there is a god
morgan webb is hot.
by m.steinbook July 16, 2008
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Super hott co-host of a popular tv show on G4 tv.
what hasn't been said about Morgan Webb thats been said about Olivia Munn?
by HellfireCC July 18, 2008
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Morgan Webb originally got her start on a show called Screen Savors. Unlike her G4 counterparts, Morgan Webb was not a fame seeking whore, but rather a beautiful woman who was generally into her video games. Morgan Webb is now a host, along with Adam Sessler on X-Play. Her sarcastic and different sense of humor add to her unique and unusual but beautiful appearance. You would never hear about Morgan Webb leaving X-Play for a minor movie role that is hardly recognizable like fellow ex-AOTS host Olivia Munn because Morgan Webb is not riding the G4 train to ultimate stardom but rather the bedrooms of 18-35 year old nerds everywhere.
Drew "Morgan Webb is so hot, shes the only reason I watch X-Play religiously"

Drews Best Friend "Agreed."
by April Bee December 27, 2010
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A woman who's a co-host of X Play and has a new feature in FHM magazine. She appeals to the horny male; age 18-34 demographic that G4 is trying to net because of her T&A, which isn't even all that. She knows nothing about video games, and is just another annoying personality.

Most gamers drool over her because she's a girl who plays video games. Guess what kids? There's no chance you're going to get her. And if you're tuning into X Play just to see her.. Then you're looking at it for the wrong reasons.

You should've stuck w/ doing Windows tips on The Screen Savers Morgan. You're no gamer.
Christ, Morgan Webb doesn't know shit about games and isn't even remotely funny. Adam Sessler on the other hand, is entertaining and knows what he's talking about.
by Someone with brain cells August 27, 2005
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