1. A methodology of describing a fat girls assortment of areas that can be utilized as handles etc during sexual intercourse.

Disclaimer: Undergoing sexual intercourse with fat girls, is dangerous. You should only try this if you are an expert in the field, or if you are overly pathetic, ugly, desperate to bust "a nut."
Andy, look at that fat slut! She must weight 300,000,000 billion pounds. And she has cankles!

Thats alright Steve!I totally nailed her last week when i was shitfaced! Talk about more cushin for the pushin!
by HotSzz February 15, 2006
Top Definition
describes large buttocks in a girl. The reference comes from the fact that a large butt would provide more cushion while having sex in the doggy-style position.
Johnny: I nailed Anne last night
Fred: Man... she's got some ass
Johnny: Yeah man... all the more cushin for the pushin
by Acid Damn June 14, 2007
a way to describe your aunt frieda's fat ass and hangy tits.
oh johnny , do you think I'm too fat to fuck?
oh no auntie "f", thats just more cushin for the pushin.
O.k. then ride me like the pig that I am.
by tony January 24, 2004
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