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aka MBTD, or B>D

Should be self-explanatory, but if you need a hint:

Describes a male of the species suffering from testosterone poisoning to the degree that he operates an overly powerful and/or noisy vehicle in a manner hazardous to others, presumably in an effort to proclaim his overwhelming manhood to those others.

Hopefully he will claim the Darwin Award that is rightfully his prior to maiming or killing the more responsible humans in the vicinity.
Phrase inspired this afternoon by a schmuck driving a red Merc C63 AMG at at least 20mph over the limit in the Geary tunnel in SF (I assume to hear his manly V8 echoes), and continuing to swerve around traffic westward into the sunset...

Since he is obviously compensating for, ahem, shortcomings in other areas, the dude in question definitely exhibits more balls than dick.
by Clever Boffin March 04, 2014
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